Ireland: Feel Like Royalty On Your Honeymoon

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Ireland honeymoon

Ireland is an incredibly beautiful, incredibly romantic blend of history, tradition, and culture. It’s so easy to feel like you can step right into the pages of a fairytale when you’re standing among the ancient castles and villages – but on your honeymoon, you’ve already started the happily ever after part! Instead of the searching, settle into the rest of forever with your significant other and feel like royalty in Ireland!

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Where to Stay

First things first: find the room that starts the royal journey. It’s best if this place looks like it was lifted straight from the pages of a forest fairyland tale, such as it is with the Killarney Royal Hotel: a luxuriously gorgeous boutique that could easily pass as its own kingdom. For something else with that little bit extra, imagine yourself in the castle-like exterior of the Royal Marine Hotel or, for something just as incredible, have a look at the Royal Hotel and Merrill Leisure Club. Whatever you decide, you’re sure to have a ball!

Image via Killarney Royal Hotel

Image via Royal Marine Hotel

Where to Go

So where should you go for the most romantic royal honeymoon in Ireland? How about making a start in Dublin, Ireland’s incredible capital. Not only is the modern and historic mix of the city an exciting adventure in itself, Dublin is also full of lovely architecture and renowned destinations that are constantly unfolding with new memories to add to your Royal holiday. After Dublin, head over to Belfast, Ireland’s beautifully exhilarating blend of rolling hills and amazing architecture that comes straight from the Bronze Age. And to finish off the adventure, take a trip to Waterford, which is not only one of Ireland’s oldest cities, but is also known as the crystal capital of the world!

Image via Ireland Tourism

What to See

Once you’ve seen most of Ireland’s most royal cities, concentrate on the places that are renowned for their royal treatment. Feel like a King and Queen of a vast, beautiful world as you walk through the National Botanic Gardens, surveying the incredible array of colours around you. To top the royal adventure off, take a day to explore the cathedrals of Ireland, such as St. Patricks Cathedral, Cathedral of Christ the King or St. Mary’s Cathedral. Once you’ve explored every nook and cranny of Ireland’s royal architecture, travel out to look over Ireland’s natural beauty of the Cliffs of Moher, and then make absolutely sure you check out a castle or two. Have a look at the Royal Ireland Tours for the most royal way to see the best of Ireland.

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When to Go

Ireland is incredibly beautiful all year round – and it’s so hard to narrow down the perfect time to go. In spring, expect to find Ireland in a bloom of yellows, oranges, and pinks. To make the most of it, attend the Galway Food Festival or the Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, and then explore the country side at the Dingle Film Festival. When summer hits in Ireland, you may not feel a dramatic change in sunshine, but you can expect to find a whole new world of music and food in a wide range of festivals. When autumn falls, Ireland is blessed with warm colours across all its gardens and harvest festivals. Finally, during winter expect to find a toasty pub or two offering great value accommodation!

Image via Ireland Tourism

Ireland is amazing – everything from the history and the culture to the art and tradition is steeped in centuries of love. It’s so easy to slip into the royal treatment when you’re exploring the hidden gems of a castle, or overlooking the incredible natural beauty of wide expanses of land. And there is no better way to feel like royalty than with your beloved beside you on the most royal of honeymoons.


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