Your eyebrows are so important; they balance and define your face and frame your eyes, which are your most distinguishing feature. Many brides to be come to see me at Hibrow Eyebrows in the lead up to their weddings – a well-groomed brow, particularly for their big day, is like a magical makeover and gives their face a well-presented, sophisticated look. I am often asked the same questions about brow tattooing and feather touching, so I thought I would share my answers so you are truly photo ready and wedding perfect.

How long does a brow restoration service take?

You will need to allow for a 90 minutes for the appointment.

Does it hurt?

As the area is numbed by antiseptic cream before and during the treatment there in no real pain. It is more like a scratching feeling.

How will my new eyebrows be designed?

I design the brows with powder until you are satisfied with the design. I measure your face and brows to ensure they are all in the correct proportion.

How is the colour chosen?

I have a range of pigments from light blonde through to almost black. The pigments are put on your forehead to ensure we choose the colour best suited to your skin tone and hair colour.

How much does it cost?

An initial consultation, eyebrow styling and tattooing starts at $500, with follow up treatments costing $150.

Can everyone have brow tattooing?

No, not everyone. Pregnant clients and breast feeding mothers can’t be treated nor can clients currently undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy. For diabetic clients and those recovering from cancer, a doctor’s note is required.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: A well defined brow certainly bring all your facial features into harmony; thanks for answering those often asked questions!

About HiBrow EyeBrows: Hi, I’m Jane from HiBrow EyeBrows and in both my personal and professional lives, I like to surround myself with beauty and symmetry. I developed an “obsession” with eyebrows many years ago which led me to embark on learning the art of brow tattooing with leading brow artists. I left my corporate life behind and am now in demand as an expert brow tattoo in New South Wales.