Inspired Words Megha

As Megha looks back on her waterside Indian Australian wedding, she remembers how it important it was to make her day about what she and her fiance Adam wanted.

“Don’t feel pressured by others’ expectations – you don’t have to provide alternate main meal choices, you don’t have to have chair covers, you can even tailor a religious ceremony to make it relevant to you. Focus on the things that matter to you.”

“And when you focus on the things you want, make sure it’s things you both want. We had wedding meetings in the preparation phase – with just the two of us – I chaired and Adam took minutes. Seriously! This is what happens when you have two strong willed engineers organising a wedding! Although this was half a joke, it actually helped us write down what we each wanted for the day and to make our individual needs clear. You don’t want one of you to emotionally opt out of the process because they don’t feel like they have a say.”

“Finally, don’t worry about the things that aren’t perfect on the day. You won’t remember any of the hiccups later  – if your guests are as wonderful and clever as ours were you won’t even know about them! The main thing is that you get married and you’re happy.”

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