Amy Chan Hair & Makeup Artistry

Image by Ivonne Veith

What is your favourite wedding theme?
A rustic garden wedding

Amy Chan & SRL-2

Image by Studio RL Photography

What inspires you?
Everyday people’s life stories and how I can learn from them. Everyday I’m inspired by different people and this is what keeps me aiming high.

What is special about weddings to you?
True emotions, I love how a wedding can bring a whole family together again; it’s precious.

What do you love about hair and makeup?
I love seeing how just simple hair and makeup can brighten someone’s face immediately.


Image by We Are Origami

What is your favourite image of all time?
Of my work? Then it will be this image by Lost In Love Photography.


What book are you reading at the moment?
‘Snow White’ – haha, I’ve been reading this with my little girl for the past week.

What is your Number 1 tip for brides and grooms?
RELAX! You’ve planned all the important things for the wedding already. On your wedding day you’re supposed to relax, enjoy and live the moment. There’s no point worrying about the weather and getting upset over the floral arrangements when everything else is going so well. And most importantly, you’re about to marry the man of your dreams!

What is the one tool of yours that you can’t live without?
Eyebrow pencil! It really frames your face!


Image by We Are Origami

What are you excited about right now?
I have a few ideas up my sleeve that I can’t reveal yet, but will definitely share them with everyone once they’re all ready!

What is a special personal talent you possess?
Not sure if it’s a talent or not, but according to my little girl it is! I can do tummy rolls (LOL) and she makes me do them everyday!

Where is your favourite place to escape to for downtime and why?
I’ll go to any day spa that is available at the time! I’m all for relaxing and unwinding the mind whenever possible!


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Oh, your new ideas sound very exciting – can’t wait to hear the latest update!

About Amy Chan Hair & Makeup Artistry: Whether it’s a wedding, party, formal or any other occasion, my mobile service can help you create the ultimate unforgettable experience in the comfort of your own home. My achievements range from mastering the techniques in Asian makeup artistry to creating the latest looks in fashion catalogues. I have worked with countless photographers, hair stylists, models and wardrobe stylists to create my own style.