1. Melbourne’s parks. There’s nothing we like more than filming a photo shoot that is set in a Melbourne park! People often go to extraordinary lengths to find the best location for their photo shoot and from our experience it is always the most unassuming locations that turn out the best. Melbourne has loads of free parks to photograph in that will always make the perfect backdrop. Image by Anitra Wells 

2. Capturing that moment. As wedding videographers we prefer to remain in the background to make sure we capture couples in the most natural way and as such we rely on the photographers to instruct their clients as to how to pose. The best photographers in the industry not only now how to do this well but also know just the right moment to capture the photo for the best effect. Image by Laima McKenna of White Chilli Photography

3. The naked wedding cake. Having been in the industry for some time we have seen many wedding cake trends come and go; the recent love of the naked wedding cake is really one that we can get on board with! Its simplicity not only makes it fit in well with almost any wedding styling but also makes it timeless. Image by Nicole Willams

4.Trees and flowers. All the videos we produce contain aspects of the natural landscape –  the inclusion of the surrounding flora really gives our videos a sense of the environment. These subtle inclusions show the season and location in a way that takes the couple back to that exact moment every time they watch their handcrafted film. Image by Paul Stevens 

5. Country weddings. We frequently leave the city to head out to the Victorian surrounds for a country wedding, we love these so much as the couples always really show a sense of belonging. The beautiful vast backdrops can make for an absolutely stunning film. Image by Nicole Williams


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a wonderful list of favourites – the greenery of the parks with their beautiful flowers make such stunning backdrops!

About Native Weddings: Hi, we’re Mike and Tye. We started Native because we wanted to create a new style of wedding film. We delight in bringing a new spin on the classic wedding film genre, taking techniques and equipment from our background in documentary film. We specialise in creating personalised, hand crafted films that reflect the emotion of your big day. Every wedding is unique and we pride ourselves in capturing that individuality in a beautifully candid manner.