Sydney Waterside Engagement002

Crystal & Danny

Sunshine filled days lead to lazy walks by the water and this beautiful Sydney waterside engagement shoot captured by Matt Reed is all about that balmy day feeling – with a little love of course!

Bride to be Crystal shares the story of how she and Danny fell in love. “We met through mutual friends years ago! We were at that age you meet new people everyday. I was catching up with a group of friends for coffee when they asked if 2 of their Uni mates could be invited. I didn’t think much of it and said of course it was OK. That’s when I got introduced to Danny and we’ve been together ever since.”

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“Through the 8 years of knowing Danny you would think I would be sick of him by now right? It’s a funny thing but I love him more and more as the years go on and I think it’s because we just work so easily together. We always want the best for each other even if it means getting into a fight because he wants to eat what I want but I want to eat what he wants.)”

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“We never hold grudges as that can create a crack in the wall that will eventually break down. We’ve never had a fight in the 8 years I’ve known him and I would love to keep it that way!”

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“After looking at many photographers, their style of shooting starting to all look the same, I came across Matt Reed after Danny found him, and instantly took a liking to the candid moments he captures. I remember looking at one particular bride and being so happy for her even though I had no idea who she was! Matt was able to magically capture her warmth, beauty and joy in such a natural way that that I was there with her! Loved that he barely used any filters and just works with the natural light of the day.”

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