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Meet Nikki the talented travel writer and founder of The Pin the Map Project. The Pin the Map Project reaches almost a million readers, subscribers and followers worldwide! Nikki travels frequently on assignment around the world covering destinations, cuisine, adventure travel and more. In addition to working with The Pin the Map Project, Nikki is a contributing writer for The Huffington Post and Business Insider Travel.

Like many in the industry, Nikki grew tired of the 9-5 routine and in a bid to find happiness she put her journalism degree to good use and now shares her stories with the world. The Pin the Map Project has been running for four years and is a great place to get inspiration for your dream honeymoon. This week we are lucky enough to have Nikki share some honeymoon tips with us.

What is your favourite region?

I adore South America! South America holds a special place in my heart because two life-changing trips happened for me there. A few years back, I travelled to Colombia for the first time since I was a kid. I was born in Bogota but due to civil unrest and political strife in the country, my family, like many others,fled. While snippets of my Colombian heritage were present in my childhood in the form of music and food,it wasn’t until my early twenties did I finally go back to Colombia and connect with my culture.

Pin the map Columbia

The second life-changing trip for me took place in Argentina during my first time solo traveling. I was due to be married and admittedly found myself unhappy with my relationship, upcoming wedding and career. I felt as though my life was moving full steam ahead and I was simply a passenger on a train I should be conducting. I flew to Buenos Aires on a whim for a last minute assignment to cover the cafe scene in Palermo. While in Argentina, I finally confronted myself and the problems back home I had been avoiding. That solo travel trip gave me the strength I needed to fly back to New York, call off my wedding, leave my job and change my life.

Top resort recommendation

I’ll be honest here, I’m not much of a resort person! Growing up, my family vacationed in rented apartments in St. Petersburg or Vancouver or beach bungalows in Mexico. I’ve always shied away from resorts because I find they often create a barrier between the guests and the destination. While I definitely acknowledge the obvious perks of staying at a resort – pampering, endless meals, built in activities, etc. – if not on assignment, I prefer to rent an Airbnb!

Suggestions for great honeymoon activities

I recently came back from assignment in the Dominican Republic writing about adventure travel in Puerto Plata. From riding ATVs in the jungle to playing with monkeys, I wished every second that my better half, Jeff, was by my side. Honeymoons come with the idea of laying on a beach and sipping cocktails but on my honeymoon, I would want to go snorkelling, ride ATVs, hike through jungles and kick off the marriage with endless adventures.

pin the map. Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Pin the Map Project

The ideal location for a proposal

I’m not sure if I have one! My only hope for when my boyfriend one day proposes is that it happens somewhere exotic, beautiful and far from home. Preferably somewhere warm, balmy and by the ocean!  (Hint, hint Jeff!)


Best kept secret honeymoon location

Bocas del Toro in Panama! Bocas del Toro is an archipelago chain of islands off the coast and is absolutely stunning! Home to a friendly and welcoming ex-pat community of surfers, a visit to Bocas del Toro finds you jumping from island to island, visiting beaches covered in starfish and tapping into local, indigenous culture in the verdant jungles of Panama.

Starfish-Beach Boca del torro pin the map project

Images via The Pin The Map Project

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Puerto Plata looks amazing for adventure; riding ATVs through the jungle would be a memory of a lifetime! A visit to The Pin The Map Project is inspirational – from life changing moments as well as honeymoon destinations!