Is it just me, or is there something about a floral garland that adds instant whimsy to a wedding? This simple tutorial creates a beautiful hanging floral garland which would look just perfect hanging behind a bridal table. Or of course, you could easily adapt the tutorial for an engagement party, or substitute for the word ‘baby’ or ‘girl’ or ‘boy’ for inclusion at a baby shower.

There are very few materials required and it is very easy to assemble, with no pre-requisites for craft skills at all! But the final outcome is quite special.  If you’re feeling a little crafty and are looking for a little something special to add to your wedding day – I recommend you try it!


What you’ll need:

2.4 metres malleable wire (I used fencing wire from Bunnings)
1 x set of pliers
Approx. 4 metres faux foliage vine (I purchased mine at the dollar store, you could substitute for fresh if you like!)
Embroidery cotton
Length of dowel

What to do:

Step 1. Cut four lengths of wire at approximately 60cm each


Step 2. Using the pliers, bend each piece of wire into a letter ‘l’ ‘o’ ‘v’ ‘e’. With the ‘l’ and ‘v’ include a loop or two at the top so you are able to hang your finished word.


Step 3. Take your time to wrap the vine around the wire now shaped into letters.  Where necessary, double up with another layer of vine to ensure good coverage.


Step 4. Arrange letters together on flat table and assess.  Add more vine or flatten out where necessary.


Step 5. At one end of the dowel, wrap embroidery cotton tightly.  Allow approximately 1 metre of yarn and then wrap the other end of dowel.


Step 6. With each letter, wrap a piece of embroidery cotton through the loop made in the letter and then loop over the dowel.  Twist for a nice finish.


Step 7. Arrange letters as necessary, and voila! A beautiful hanging floral garland for your wedding!



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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such an easy way to add a pretty touch of whimsy to your wedding day styling; so beautiful for spring weddings!

About Jess Bauer: Hi, I’m Jess and I’m a writer. I am a lover of words and stories, pretty papers and flowers. I find great satisfaction in creating something beautiful from the simplest of materials and am happiest in a home bustling with conversation and music, sitting at a beautifully decorated table surrounded by good friends and delicious food – with a glass of champagne in hand, of course!