Ms Liberty's Lychee Delight

We discovered we had a resident mixologist when the patterned people spent the day together crafting cocktails. Our Heavenly Honeymoons Advertising manager Ms Liberty would get this slightly glazed look over her face and dart to the cupboard for another ingredient, or spin, almost with magical dust, and add a bit of this or a bit of that and suddenly, our cocktail would be amazing and we’d agree that this was indeed a recipe for you. So Ms Liberty’s Lychee Delight is a favourite of our resident mixologist and a very special blend of some of her favourite flavours – fresh raspberries, delicious lychees and of course, bubbles!


30 ml lychee liqueur
30 ml white rum
5 ml raspberry juice
20 ml watermelon juice
Sparkling rosé or pink Champagne


In a juicer or blender, combine 1/4 cup watermelon pieces and 4 raspberries to create a juice. Strain into a glass and add lychee liqueur and white rum. Top with sparkling rose or pink Champagne.

Recipe and images by the Polka Dot Bride team