Top Things To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Photographer

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What’s the first thing you do when you start looking for a wedding photographer? Think about who you know right! You ask around friends and family and see who knows who. Or you might have seen a photographer from a wedding you recently attended.

Wedding photography is an extremely personal service. You are going to sharing one of the biggest days of your life with this person. You want to feel confident this person has what it takes to capture the moments and memories that will last a lifetime. A good photographer can help your day flow smoothly, can create a fun celebratory atmosphere, as well as facilitate the more intimate moments.

So here are some of my suggestions for things to consider when choosing your wedding photographer.

Do they have a portfolio that makes you go wow?

Does their style of photos match your tastes? Can you see yourself in their images?

Are they flexible? Will they work around your wishes and vision for your day or are they trying to get you to fit into their packages?

Can they capture a large variety of images? Ask to see a full wedding shoot.

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Are they experienced?

With an experienced photographer, capturing the moments that melt your heart and take your breath away comes naturally. They have developed a 6th sense for where they need to be and when in order to get that shot! So I think it’s important to ask how long they have been a wedding photographer, and how many weddings they have shot in that time. Below are some rough guidelines you might find useful in gauging answers to this question.

  • 0-2 years – beginner
  • 2-5 years – medium
  • 5+ years – professional

But as I said this depends how many weddings have they shoot each year. A good average is 3+ years with 40+ weddings shot.

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Are they presentable and professional?

Your photographer needs to look the part! They need to blend in with your guests, and not be the focus of too much attention. Thus enabling them to get those more relaxed, candid shots that you don’t notice were taken.

Are they polite and curious yet assertive and proactive to stay on schedule?

When you met with them did they arrive on time? Were they confident, professional and personable in your interactions? Were they easily able to answer all your queries and concerns. Perhaps most importantly did they put you at ease during your meeting and did you leave feeling excited or stressed.





Are they good with people?

Do they have the social skills to get the best out of everyone on the day? Taking great images of people is not just about being able to take a good photo. It’s also about being able to build rapport quickly with your subject, and having the emotional intelligence and social skills that can get a laugh and a giggle out of even the most stressed out bride or anxious groom. These skills are also fundamental in getting the best out of all the various groups of people at your wedding. Having a photographer who can engage with the kids, grandparents and teenagers alike is a real asset to being able to get the best shots on the day.


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Wonderful advice – for those beautiful images and a lifetime of memories, it’s so important to find a photographer that fits with your style.

About Kit Haselden: Hi there! I’m known for my creative, natural and engaging style of wedding photography. I get the best out of my brides and grooms by quickly making them feel relaxed and the last 10 years as a professional photographer has given me the skills and experience to never miss the important shots.


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