Mandy and Ben’s Sunny Late Afternoon Engagement

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Mandy & Ben

The chemistry between this stunning couple is practically palpable in these images, as they strolled along the New South Wales central coast for their warm engagement session.  This sunny, late afternoon engagement shoot was captured by photographer Nicholas Joel Photography.

“We met at a party. It was an end of year party, but one of the organisers invited a few of his mates because it was also his birthday and doubled as his birthday bash. Ben just happened to be one of those mates. In the beginning we used our heads and calculated that, although very attracted to one another, it probably wouldn’t work and decided to keep our distance… but clearly that didn’t last. We couldn’t keep away from each other and every time we tried it made things harder (not to mention that we would see each other everywhere!!) until we finally caved and found out that it was so hard to stay away because we were made for each other!”

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Mandy tells the story of how they came to be engaged on a holiday in Hawaii. “On the second night Ben found the most perfect little restaurant right on the beach, and at sunset with a bottle of bubbly and my usually enquiring brain completely unaware, Ben got down on one knee and said his speech. I was completely taken by surprise and was shaking and got all teary. It was so beautiful!” There is little that is as romantic as champagne, a sunset and a bended knee, with the promise of forever.

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Of their photographer, and style of their engagement shoot, Mandy says, “We are not fans of super posed photos. We just love natural photos, and I had worked with Nick before and seen a lot of his work so knew he would give us the result we were after and capture us raw.” 

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Nicholas Joel Photography

“Ben is kind, caring, fun loving and he is the most genuine person I have met. I love that he just gets me. He loves that I am a complete dag and I love to have a laugh. We share the same heart and share the same views on most things and when we don’t, we are both respectful of each others views. We both feel that we can be completely authentic with each other. He is super affectionate and makes me feel like a princess. I would do anything for him. He is truly one of a kind and I feel so blessed that we found each other. He is my best friend and soul-mate. We have so much fun together.”

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Sunny Late Afternoon Engagement20160712_1121

Congratulations on your engagement Mandy and Ben! Thank you to this gorgeous pair, and Nicholas Joel Photography, for sharing this beautiful shoot with us!


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