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Let’s talk children at weddings. While some couples choose to have child free weddings, others embrace the joy of having excited children involved in their day, particularly when their own children get to be a very special part of their celebrations.

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There are many ways to include little ones in your ceremony. Depending on their age this could be a very special mention or acknowledgement in the ceremony, the role of ‘ring security’ or flower girl or mini best man. Asking them to present a reading can be very special as too can handing out bubbles, being an usher or part of the bridal party.

Having performed many weddings with children involved our advice is simply to let children be children and get them involved.

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If they see Mum and Dad standing at the front looking like a Prince and Princess out of a Disney movie, naturally they will be curious and will instinctively want to wander up and join them. We absolutely encourage this as trying to keep them away could potentially result in a mid-ceremony tantrum.

We believe having your own child or children around you during the ceremony adds to the love shared between the family and let’s face it, it doesn’t get much cuter than having a little page boy or flower girl up there clinging on to Daddy’s leg!

For guests with babies and young children that have also been invited along, the etiquette at weddings is generally to sit towards the back so if baby decides to let out an almighty scream just for giggles, they can quickly exit out of ear shot without any disruption to the ceremony.

If you are expecting a few excitable toddlers to be running around before or after the ceremony, consider limiting the “not-child friendly” decorations. Cylinder glass vases or candles lining the aisle or on pedestals may be an accident waiting to happen. Consider keeping potentially breakable décor to a minimum or out of reach and if you’re expecting lots of kiddies to be present, perhaps even have a ‘kids zone’ or welcome toy that can keep them occupied. Bubbles are a great way to entertain little ones at weddings and also make for some really great photos.

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Finally, as cute as little ring bearers are, avoid giving them the actual rings too early on. It’s all fun and games when he’s running around excitedly with the ring cushion, until a ring goes AWOL. Best to have the rings well tied to the little ribbons on the ring cushion and to hand them over to the ring bearer at the last minute.

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Most of all involve and enjoy your little ones as they will play a huge part of the magical memories of your special day.

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A huge thank you to gorgeous couple and wonderful parents Gabbi and Dan, and of course to their adorable son Blaine.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: So many lovely ways to involve children in your wedding – the importance of an usher should never be underestimated!

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