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There’s no question that your wedding day will be one of the best days of your life, filled with memories that will last forever. Invariably, some things will turn out differently than you planned, and in my experience it is these things which can lead to the best fun! However, it doesn’t hurt to be a little prepared as small hiccups can be avoided if you have the right “tools” on hand! As the Boy Scouts would say, ‘Be Prepared!’, and I’ve got just the survival pack to get you through.

If you’re searching for a gift for your groom (either as a best man, friend of the groom or bride-to-be), this is an excellent idea to prepare him for this special day!

1. Mints and deodorant

Lets face it, you want your breath to be fresh for your first kiss. And I’d hazard a guess you’ll be wanting to at least have the freedom to twirl your new bride around the dance floor with abandon! Pop your favourite mints and a travel sized deodorant in your survival pack to keep you smelling like a pine forest all day long.


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2. Tissues/handkerchief

There’s a very good chance your bride will shed a few tears during the day, and if you like the idea of being an old school gentleman, keep one of these on you at all times.


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3. Aspirin/band aids

A mini first aid kit will hopefully remain untouched by the end of the day! But if you need to stop a headache in its tracks or deal with pesky blisters (or come to the aide of someone in your bridal party who is aspirin-less), having these things on hand removes the need for you to accept your Aunt Flo’s musky smelling paracetamol from the bottom of her purse (as grateful as one may be).

4. A spare boutonniere

Although this is not something you’re likely to carry around all day long, it’s worth considering when you place your order with your chosen florist. As a florist attending weddings, I am often asked to fix a broken or smooshed buttonhole bloom which is wilting from vigorous hugs or clumsy fingers. However, if there’s a spare delivered to the church with the rest of your blooms – problem solved!


Image by Carla Atley via Ashlee & Jared’s Sweet Perth Winery Wedding

5. Sweets

Nothing will make you more popular than producing sweets from your kit when having your photos taken with your bridal party. They may be hungry, verging on hangry (so hungry we’re angry – we’ve all been there!), and if you produce some small, delicious treats you will be a hero remembered by many!


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6. A survival kit bag!

You’ll not need to tote this around with you all day, and it can be kept in the car or given to a friend to bring into your ceremony or reception venue. But something understated and unobtrusive will be perfect to keep your survival “tools” close by! And if preparing this kit as a gift for your groom, a little luxury will not go astray!


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Wonderful ideas to always ‘Be Prepared’ – a spare boutonniere is so sensible!

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