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Tash & Brian

I love the relaxed, laid back feel of Tash and Brian’s boho inspired Byron bay wedding. Even a little rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of this beautiful wedding day captured by Bird and Boy Photography. The wedding turned from an outdoor celebration to something very intimate – and the newlyeds? They wouldn’t change a thing!

Tash fills us in on the very romantic story of how Brian proposed. “On Christmas day Brian asked me to pack my bags as he booked us a weekend away. We left Boxing Day morning and heading up north (I had no idea where he was taking me) we went for a drive through the Sunshine Coast hinterland and ended up at Spicers Retreat in Maleny. He took me for a picnic and then a walk through to a waterfall.

That night he booked us in for dinner at the Tamarind restaurant where he had organised a table just for the two of us away from everyone.

When it came to the end of the night, Brian was super keen for dessert. So the waiter brought out the menus, placed Brian’s in front of him first and then placed mine in front of me. I was so busy looking at the menu that I didn’t notice the chalkboard underneath the menu. Brian asked me if he could look at the specials board and after I told him a few times that there wasn’t one, he asked me to look underneath my menu.

As I moved my menu Brian started to stand up and make his way next to me. I looked at the chalkboard and it said ‘Will you marry me?’ with a tick box for yes only. Brian got down on one knee and said to me ‘I will never stand above or below you, I will always stand by your side’, he opened the ring box and I asked him if he was serious (I might have called him an idiot several times too). He then said to me that if I said yes I needed to tick the box. So with my hands shaking I attemped to tick the box. The chalk snapped and half the chalk went flying across the deck. It was such a funny moment. Brian then took the ring and placed it on my finger.”

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Tash chose her gown at Bohemian Brides, she remembers, “My sister-in-law told me about the store, so one afternoon I looked them up and found ‘the dress’. The next weekend one of my bridesmaids and myself drove down and it was the first dress I tried on and loved it. I tried a few others in the store just for the sake of it but my heart was set. It was the only store I went to and needed to go to. I loved the experience (once my nerves escaped me) and Kate was an absolute delight to work with.”

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Tash and Brian chose The Fig Tree Restaurant for their wedding, with  Byron Bay Weddings styling the event, noting, “It was the only venue we saw (and needed to see). Just after the proposal I spent the day with my brother and we bought up wedding venues. I told him that we wanted to get married somewhere with a big tree. He showed me The Fig Tree Restaurant and it was instant love. Brian and I went to check it out only a few days after he popped the question. When we got there the ladies from Byron Bay Weddings were there, we locked it in there and then. It was just meant to be (and yes, it has the most spectacular Fig Tree!!).”

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Rain moved the ceremony inside, the bride telling, “The ceremony and dinner were meant to all be set up outside however with the rain we had them both inside. It really made our day. The ceremony felt so intimate. Emotions ran wild and it was felt throughout the restaurant. If I was to do it all again I would do it exactly the same – rain, hail or shine.”

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Michelle Shannon officiated the ceremony. Tash noting, “We must say, we were very luckily with all of our vendors. They all went above and beyond and we can’t thank them enough. Michelle our celebrant really made us feel like family the moment we met. Our photographer and videographers worked tirelessly through out the day and did it with such passion. They made the whole experience really enjoyable. Che has created such a special place in The Fig Tree Restaurant. Not only is the venue beautiful, the food is amazing and he has surrounded himself with incredible people. Our day ran smoothly because of the dedication everyone has.”

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Tash and Brian chose The Magic Bus Company to cart guests around, noting, “I love all things boho so it was an easy choice. We wanted to create a relaxed and fun vibe but also simple without taking away from the beauty of the venue. We wanted our family and friends to have a few surprises throughout the day also so we organised the Magic Bus to arrive to pick everyone up from the Surf Club. It was so great because no one had any clue of the transport we arranged so when the buses arrived with our names across the top it definitely got the party started early.”

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“One of my favourite moments was when we returned from our photos and entered the reception. When we were announced as husband and wife it was such an overwhelming feeling and to hear everybody clap and cheer, it really takes your breath away.”

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“We were sitting down for our main meal and there was music playing in the background. Mid-meal Daryl Braithwaite’s, “The Horses” comes on and suddenly the bridal table started signing the song, within seconds our family and friends all joined in. The whole place erupted. It was awesome.”

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Byron Wedding Visual captured a film of the couple’s wedding day. The film beautifully captures the relaxed feeling the day embodied.

Congratulations on your marriage Tash and Brian! Thank you for sharing the stories of your day with us! Thank you also to Bird and Boy Photography for sharing today’s photography.