This week for ‘Behind The Door With’ I am thrilled to meet celebrant Robyn Pattison, better known as ‘The Wedding Pixie’! Celebrants are the heart and soul of any wedding and I love how more and more are redefining what a ceremony can be and making each wedding feel different and special. Robyn has been a celebrant for seven and a half years and when I chat with her, she is getting close to officiating her 1000th wedding!

Robyn meets couples in her beautiful home office in West Ryde, New South Wales and tells me it is the only way to meet with everyone during what is often outside of office hours. “The first year I was a celebrant I would visit people in their homes” she tells me. “But once I started doing over one hundred weddings per year that just wasn’t going to work.”



The office has a large desk, comfy couch and a very pretty, fun vibe. Robyn tells me that she spends so much time in there it “better feel like me”! A place for meetings as well as paperwork and writing ceremonies, it’s important clients feel at home and like it as a friendly, happy place. Robyn also loves being close to home and being around her kids and pets.


Of course Robyn has a second office that changes all the time when she is standing up the front of a wedding ceremony with a microphone in her hand. “I could pitch a tent at the Royal Botanic Gardens, I spend so much time there” she jokes. Making everyone feel comfortable is a part of the job, even though I imagine that must be tricky when things like weather come into play. Robyn often has to move guests to the backup plan but says she could conduct a ceremony next to a rubbish bin if she has to!


When I ask about the challenges of her job, Robyn tells me it is these weather and logistical issues that are the trickiest. “I try to get couples to remember that their guests really are their guests from the moment they arrive at the ceremony” she says. “And no, they don’t like being out in the cold and rain, especially if there’s a drier option just nearby.”


Of course then I want to know what Robyn’s favourite type of weddings are and she tells me the best bit is when she changes couples’ minds about what a wedding “should be” to what a wedding “can be”. Robyn also loves to cross cultural and language barriers and bring the different families and friends together. What an awesome job!


Images by We are Origami , Mathew Mead Photography & The Salty Shutter


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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Congratulations Robyn on your wonderfully rewarding and successful career – 1000 weddings is such a well deserved accomplishment!

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