Wearable Gifts For Your Groomsmen

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The most important role of groomsmen is to simply be there for you. Lending support through the wedding planning process and standing there with you as you say your vows is an incredible honour for them and it’s important to show them just how much they are appreciated. Gifting your groomsmen is the best way to do that. To really let them know how much, give them something that’s personalised and unique to them—and even better, something that they can wear during the wedding.

Pocket Squares 

Giving your groomsmen personalised pocket squares is fun and will look great with your overall wedding style. If you’re looking for a burst of colour among the shades of blacks and greys, then the bright hues in your groomsmen’s pockets can liven everything up. Personalise the gift by monogramming their initials onto the fabric, selecting different colours or finding unique patterns. Check out Oscar Hunt or M.J. Bale.

Gifts for Groomsmen

Image via M.J. Bale

Bowties and Neckties

Like pocket squares, these accessories can be a great way to add some colour to the wedding party. Personalising the bowties and neck ties will make sure your groomsmen stand out and feel truly appreciated. The best way to do this is to include monograms of initials or symbols, patterns or colours or the addition of pins or buttons.

Forage, Oscar Hunt and Huxby Haberdashery (now closed) are great places to start looking!

Gifts for Groomsmen

Image via Oscar Hunt

Tie Bars and Clips 

Tie bars or clips are great options for wearable gifts. They are perfect for engraving and are a classy addition to any dapper look. If you need some inspiration, head over to Calibre or Mr Porter.


Cufflinks are the easiest and fanciest way to gift your groomsmen. You can get almost everything – from motorcycles to superhero paraphernalia in a variety of colours and patterns – or better yet, their initials. Take your time finding the perfect option for each groomsman – if you need a place to start, check out Jules Collins.

Gifts for Groomsmen

Image via Hanmaid Designs

Watches and Pocket Watches 

Although a slightly pricier option, there is no better gift than a watch! It will look amazing during the wedding and really come in handy afterwards! To personalise the gift, consider engraving initials or messages into the band. Daniel Wellington has some really nice choices – or go for a classic look with the popular on-trend, Mr Horse.

Gifts for Groomsmen

Image via M.J. Bale


Image via The Horse


Shoes will be a practical and superb wearable gift for your groomsmen. Consider alternating between colours of the shoes for a way to personalise the gift, switch up the colours of the laces, or carve initials into the heel. For some nice options, check out Mr Porter.

Gifts for Groomsmen

Image via Oscar Hunt


Although they may seem like an understated gift, socks are actually a really popular present for your groomsmen—and they make for some fun photos! Simply alternate between colours and patterns.

Gifts for Groomsmen

Image via Oscar Hunt


With so many different scents available, you can pick one for each of your groomsmen depending on what they like. This is a really nice option for your groomsmen’s gift, and something that will really come in handy both during and after the wedding! Check out the counter at any leading department store for some inspiration!



Image via Mr Porter

Make sure when you’re thinking about gifting your groomsmen you’re also looking into something personalised and unique to them. Presenting a gift that they can show off during the wedding is a really great bonus!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: A personal gift for your groomsmen that they can wear at your wedding and afterwards is such a special way to say “thanks for being there for me on my special day.”


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