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Rachel & Jamie

Rachel and Jamie’s romantic Yallingup wedding has all the trimmings – a beautiful gown, stunning floral arrangements and the best part? Plenty of beautiful love stories and moments that ground it all. Rachel and Jamie chose Life Photography to capture their day.

From their local meeting to their very special proposal, Rachel tells their story. “We met seven years ago in our home town of Bunbury in a local bar. I spotted Jamie straight away and said to my best friend “I need to meet him”. I tried really hard to get his attention on the dance floor and it worked! We dated for about a year and then to moved to Perth.

Five years later Jamie proposed. It was the day before we flew to Europe. I finished work and was suppose to go straight home and meet Jamie for lunch. I decided to stop at a few shops on my way home and pick up some last minute items for the trip. Little did I know that Jamie was waiting at home for me.

An hour later I come home and decide to honk the horn for him to come out… hmm, where is he? So I hop out of the car, open up the front door and there is Jamie kneeling in our lounge room and he pops the question. It was such a magical day and we continued the celebrations in Europe.”

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The bride wore a strapless gown from Bridal by Aubrey Rose. “I visited two different bridal stores in Perth with my mum and sister and didn’t find anything. We decided to call it a day. It was on our way home that we drove past a gorgeous little store in Leederville (Aubrey Rose). My mum said, “we should go and have a quick look”. I was pretty tired and couldn’t really be bothered but they insisted I have a look. I tried on two dresses and fell in love with the second dress. I didn’t think I would have that ‘bridal moment’ that everyone talks about but I did. My mum and sister started tearing up and so did I. I knew it was the one and bought it.”

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The ceremony and reception were held at Wills Domain . Rachel explains, “Jamie and I always wanted to get married down south. We looked at about 7 wineries in one day and fell in love with Wills Domain. The food, wine and view are to die for and it was important for us to have the ceremony and reception at the one location.”

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“It was special to have my dad walk me down the aisle. I know it meant a lot to him too. I have a home video of me talking about this and looking through wedding magazines with my dad when I was two years old.”

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Sarsha Wetherall officiated the ceremony. “We wanted to have a very relaxed and simple ceremony. Our celebrant, Sarsha was very caring and put us at ease as I knew I would cry during the ceremony. We both wrote our own vows and kept them a secret for the day.”

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Of their photographer, Rachel notes, “It was a dream to work with Maz – she captured our day perfectly. We were drawn to Maz because of her natural and authentic style. She knew the venue well so we left it up to her to take us to the best spots. We received our pictures within three weeks and were blown away! I can’t thank her enough!”

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Zest Flowers styled the richly toned floral arrangements for the day.

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Of the first dance, the bride remembers, “We found it quite difficult to pick a song as we didn’t want to go with the typical slow wedding song. It was actually picked the day before – ‘Toploader – Dancing in the Moonlight’. We both love to dance so something a little fun was perfect for us!”

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Congratulations on your marriage Rachel and Jamie! Thank you for taking the time to share the stories with us! Thank you also to Life Photography for sharing today’s wedding with us!