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Amber & Nicola

Amber and Nicola chose a bold and vibrant blue and royal purple colour scheme for their modern Maroochydore waterside wedding. Held right on the water, the couple wanted a relaxed day that was all about family and friends. They chose Quince and Mulberry Studios  to capture their wedding.

Amber spills the beans on how she and Nicola came to be. “We met on an online dating site (Compatible Partners). I was just about to leave the site when Nicola signed up. Our first date was at The Three Monkeys in West End. Nicola left her wallet in the car and went back to get it. I thought she wasn’t coming back but luckily she did! Nicola gave me her jacket at the end of the night to make sure I would have to see her again.”

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Nicola worked with Jordanna Regan Couture  to design her wedding suit, she tells, “I chose to get my outfit handmade by a designer because I found it difficult to find a feminine wedding suit. I researched online and met with a few designers before deciding on Jordanna Regan. Jordanna made the whole process very comfortable and was happy to give guidance where I needed it. My outfit was exactly what I wanted and the result was stunning. My mum helped to hand-select the lace on my shirt to match Amber’s dress and the whole time I had no idea what Amber was wearing!”

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Amber wore a strapless a-line gown by Paddington Weddings Bertossi Brides. She remarks, “The girls at Bertossi Brides, Anne and Gill, made us feel at home when we walked into their little bridal house. Anne hand selects her lace from Italy and designs and makes all of her dresses on site which my mum and I loved.

When I walked into the store, my eyes immediately found the beautiful Elouise gown. My mum and I knew that it was THE dress because it was the only dress that made my mum teary when I put it on. By the week before the wedding, my dress fit me perfectly. The lace was so light and flowy and the little belt sparkled. With my blue lacey shoes – designed by my mum and my matching earrings and bracelet I was ready to go. Anne and Gill made finding the perfect dress a lovely journey for my mum and I to share together.”

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Madame Bloom  created the floral arrangements for the day, Amber tells, “Our florist, Shannon Pluis – Madame Bloom, put in so much time and effort meeting with us and helping select the perfect flowers for us. Our flowers were amazing and everything we could have hoped for on our special day. Our bouquets were exquisite and evidently made with love. My favourite thing was my flower crown, it was absolutely stunning and made me feel like such a beautiful bride. I heard my little cousin saying to her mum ‘look mummy it’s a queen, isn’t she pretty’!”

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Amber and Nicola created two aisles so they could walk down the aisle at the same time. They chose ‘River Flows In You’ (Bella’s lullaby from Twilight) by Yiruma.

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Amber and Nicola were married at Ebb Waterfront . “We chose Ebb Waterfront for the ceremony and reception and cannot express how accommodating, professional and lovely they were. They were more than happy to work with us when we told them we wanted to have two aisles, which was very important to us. The setup of the restaurant, the food and the service on the night was nothing short of amazing. They pulled the whole day together and it was seamless. The best thing was how laid back and relaxed they were, which is exactly what two brides need when planning a wedding! Our favourite thing about the venue was the colour of the chairs and the view of the water.”

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Married by Jen officiated the ceremony, the brides remembering, “When we met with our celebrant we discussed our desire for the ceremony to be about our relationship and our love and commitment to each other. Our celebrant, Jen Arhanic, spent many hours getting to really know us as individuals and as a couple. She portrayed our story beautifully, with a little-added humour, which was perfect. My (Amber) brother, Levi, read a lovely piece of writing that he chose himself. Every guest commented on how personal the ceremony was and asked how the celebrant knew us so well!”

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Of their photographer, Amber remarks,  “Our beautiful photographer, Kate Taylor from Quince and Mulberry Studio, was nothing short of amazing! She captured all the right moments, the laughter, the tears, the glances between brides and the whole family and friend dynamic. She met with us numerous times before the wedding and even visited our venue up the coast. Kate is bubbly, fun, calm and generous. She arrived hours early on our wedding day and did not leave until she was sure she had taken all the photos we were after. We would highly recommend Kate to anyone looking for a professional photographer.”

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“All morning it rained and rained and rained and we were nervous that we would have to move inside the restaurant which was going to make having two aisles very complicated. A couple of hours before the ceremony, the rain started to clear and the sun was shining behind the clouds and the view was spectacular for the ceremony and photos.”

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“We did a lot of DIY! For the tables, everyone pitched in to make paper flowers, decorate the jars and make the hessian table runners. The wooden Arbor and bunting were hand made as well. We also made our own invitations, favours, candles and pot plants and designed and printed our own menus and table seating board. We could not have done it without our family and friends to help us!”

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All Strung Up  created a special piece of art for guests to leave their mark, the brides remember, “We had a beautiful piece of artwork made from ‘All Strung Up’. It was a tree made of string art on a piece of wood. Our guests signed their names on little leaves and put them into a box so we could stick them on the tree later. We are going to hang this artwork in our house to remind us of our fabulous day. All Strung Up is very talented and was happy to spend time with us designing exactly what we wanted.”

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“Two of our closest and talented friends sang and played the guitar for our first dance. We chose ‘Tenerife Sea’ by Ed Sheeran. It was magical.”

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Congratulations Amber and Nicola! Thank you for sharing your stories with us! Thank you also to Quince and Mulberry Studios  for sharing this fun celebration!