Italian Winter Engagement003

Brooke & Paul

As a Winter lover, you can bet I fell head over heels for this Italian Winter engagement of Australian couple Brooke and Paul. The couple met through a mutual friend and chose photographer Dan Cartwright to capture their engagement. The couple followed up with a beautiful wedding in Venice, so it made sense that their engagement would pay homage to a country they both love so much.

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Brooke and Paul met when they were 13, both living in the same street!

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On what she loves about Paul, Brooke tells, “I can honestly say that I love the way that Paul loves me, I have never felt anything like it. When I am with him it feels like I’m home.”

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“We have been together 11 years so we can write a book! Something sweet and funny is that when we were 17 or so Paul would walk to my house in the early hours of the morning and throw pebbles at my window & I would run around like a bat out of hell trying to brush my hair and put makeup on, acting like I actually look that good naturally at 3am. Then we would sit on my driveway and talk until the sun came up.”

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When asked what he loves about Brooke, Paul remarked, “Her beautiful eyes and cheeky smile drew me in but now I am married to my best mate, so I guess I love everything about her.”

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Their proposal? Well it sounds utterly romantic and perfect for Brooke and Paul. “Our engagement was very low key, we had discussed it so much, so Paul quietly asked me over breakfast one day, it was nice to strip back all the drama, bells & whistles and just hug each other.”

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