Changing Looks

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It’s now becoming more common practice for the modern bride to alter her appearance in time for their second entrance to the reception. Usually this restyle means a different hairstyle, more or less accessories, and sometimes even a change of dress. Each of these changes allows the bride to make another grand appearance, so it’s not out of place to think that you could too. The groom’s style can alter slightly too to give a new, and still very dashing, change from ceremony to reception.

What to Change Into

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Add On / Take Off
For a subtle change of appearance, consider adding or removing pieces. It could be as easy as donning a waistcoat for your ensemble or removing your tie or bow tie. If you’ve gone with suspenders for your ceremony, you could remove your jacket during the reception if it is a more casual celebration. Other ideas include adding accessories or changing them, especially if there are gifts or items of significance you couldn’t fit into the ceremony. They may be slightly subtle changes, but they are changes nonetheless and will allow the second entrance to greet your friends and family to be just as debonair.

Change Up

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For a slightly more major change of look, consider trading in one item for another. If you’ve chosen a bow tie for the ceremony change it up with a neck tie, and vice versa. A change of jacket can also be a suitable trade up, as will be your shoes and accessories. These small changes won’t entirely alter the entire ensemble, but it will allow for a nice change for your reception. With this change, make sure to remain coordinated with your bride – this will ensure a perfect look across the board and it will be especially dashing in candid shots.


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The change of accessories (or the add-on of accessories) is a small change to make. This change can be particularly important if you’re looking to add on some colour and patterns—or vice versa. The biggest change to make would be the mix-up of a tie and a bow tie. Other accessory changes could be your watches and pocket watches, pocket sqaures,cuff links, and tie bars and pins.


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It isn’t necessary to completely alter your appearance for the change—adding on accessories, trading up jackets, or completing the ensemble with alternating pieces is enough. You can remain as dapper as you were during the ceremony, but still come across looking fresh and jazzed up for the reception. Embrace the changes and have fun with your second entrance.

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a great idea – there’s no reason why should the bride have all the fun when changing up her look for the reception entrance!