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Today we are feeling the love as we sit down for a virtual glass of whisky with Jack from Oh Lobster. You might find yourself on Oh Lobster to fuel your wanderlust as the romantic duo showcase the best and sometimes lesser known parts of the world. Their blog is filled with photos of ‘must see’ places and offers businesses the opportunity for social media management. Jack sat down with us to gush over his recent wedding and the love he feels for his now wife.


Tell us about you and your career

Since graduating from high school I have worked as an actor in Perth. Over the past year I have travelled through America and Europe and my wife and I now run a travel blog, Oh Lobster, which also offers social media management.

Tell us about your wedding

From the get go Keira and I said we didn’t want a traditional wedding. We also didn’t see the point in spending thousands of dollars on one day, when we could spend that money on another year of travelling. So our wedding took place at my wife’s parents’ house in the hills, during winter and we concentrated on a home themed, alternative style for the wedding.



What was your most memorable moment (or moments!)?

The ceremony was just beautiful. As with any wedding there were stressful times but the ceremony made it all so worth it. A room full of all of the people we love, who love us and are so happy about what we’re doing. Also being able to devote our lives to each other in front of all these people made it even better and aesthetically everything was exactly as we wanted it and we had some great feedback.



If you could change one thing, what would it be?

This probably sounds super corny and you also probably get this answer all the time but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I’ve always said that the most important thing about our wedding was that we got to marry each other and that everyone I love and care about was there to celebrate with us. Those two things happened and so the day couldn’t have been better. I would maybe have mingled a bit more so I could have had good quality time with everyone but I’m sure I’ll get the opportunity post wedding to do that!

Who are your favourite vendors?

Velveteen is half Sri Lankan so the food vendors at our wedding made Indian/Sri Lankan infused curries and samosas – so good! This suited our guests because who doesn’t like that stuff?!


Who was your photographer?

Our photographer was the amazing Fiona Vail. We’ve known Fiona for a while and have done couple shoots with her previously so she was an easy choice for us. She’s always been great at making us feel comfortable with each other and creates really amazing, poignant, candid shots. Some of the photos she has taken are my favourite of all time so we would definitely recommended her!


What advice do you have for others planning their wedding?

My only advice is relax!! I know you want to the day to be perfect, but if your idea of perfection is every single little detail going exactly to plan, then your day will never be perfect. For us the wedding was about us, our love and our marriage and truly that is all you should worry about.


Images by Fiona Vail

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Thanks Jack for sharing your heartfelt memories from your beautiful wedding with us. Pop on over to Oh Lobster to see Jack and Velveteen’s gorgeous travel blog; truly inspiring and hopelessly romantic!