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Stephanie & Todd

I love when a family love shines through in photographs and in this gorgeous Spicers Hidden Vale engagement captured by Quince and Mulberry Studios, the love of these newly engaged love birds and their little family of four, makes such a warm and happy sense of joy.

Stephanie tells the story of how they came to be. “I was living in London at the time and had come home for a 3 week visit. I didn’t tell anyone I was coming home. After having surprised my family I then surprised my friends which turned into an impromptu night out. I met Todd at a bar that night. We hit it off so easily and over the next few weeks we saw a lot of each other, we were practically inseparable. Needless to say I ended up staying in Australia. I forfeited my return flight back to London, quit my job and had all my belongings sent back over.”

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Stephanie remembers, “Being together is just easy. We’re both very good communicators and are honest with each other. We’re always laughing and mucking around. Todd is such a genuine guy who would do anything for our little family. We’ve been through a tough time when our son Boyd was born at 28 weeks. During that time Todd and I became even stronger and more in love (which I didn’t think was even possible). We both love our son more than anything (and our giant dog Hank too)!”

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Stephanie tells, “Being in the industry as a marriage celebrant, I’m often surrounded by everything wedding related. I’ve seen so many amazing photos but I find the ones I connect with the most are the simple and laid back shoots. I wanted Todd and I to be in a comfortable setting and able to be just be ourselves, to have fun with each other and just enjoy spending time as a family.”

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“Looking at Todd you wouldn’t guess that he’s easily scared. He’s very jumpy and I take great pleasure in being the cause of his fright (luckily he can laugh at himself). One day I waited for what seemed like ages in a cupboard for the perfect opportunity to jump out at him. Finally it came and I gave him the fright of his life. Unfortunately for me there was a broom nearby which Todd quickly snatched up, pushed the cupboard doors closed and slotted the broom through the cupboard handles. There I was trapped in side. It took A LOT of begging and sweet talking to her him to release me.”

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