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Image by Christine Lim and Ruby Yeo via Delara and Brian’s Villa Latitude Bali Wedding

A truly wonderful location, Bali, is also known as Island of Love – and for good reason! With its amazing scenery, picture postcard views, warm temperatures, it is indeed a wedding paradise! With so much to offer couples looking to marry at a truly idyllic location, it’s worth taking note of a few “housekeeping” things before you decide to say “I do” in Bali.

Marriages in Indonesia are performed by religious ministers and Indonesian law requires that in order to be legally married in Bali, you are required to hold one of the five religions recognised by Indonesia (Buddhism, Catholicism, Hinduism, Islam or Protestantism).

If you are an Australian planning a wedding in Bali, you can choose between having a legal religious wedding in Bali, or a commitment ceremony in Bali, with the legals done in a simple ‘legals only’ style ceremony with a celebrant or minister in Australia.

A legal religious wedding in Bali involves completing an application and bringing relevant identification to be sighted (passport, proof of marriage dissolution if applicable etc) to the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate-General. There are costs associated with this process and each document sighted incurs a charge.


Image by Windee Winata – PhotoFactory, Bali via Amity and Alex’s Relaxed Bali Wedding

If a bride that legally marries in Bali wishes to take her groom’s last name, the name change process involves you sending your original birth certificate away and having a replacement birth certificate issued with your husband’s last name. More information about the process and costs are available from the Australian Consulate-General in Bali.

It’s worth noting that an Australian marriage celebrant is only permitted to conduct legal marriages within Australia and may require a work permit/ visa if they are to conduct a commitment ceremony overseas.

A commitment ceremony in Bali, with the legals addressed in Australia either before departure or upon return to Australia involves booking a celebrant or minister that is happy to provide a ‘legals only’ marriage or a simple ceremony (or you could go all out and have two amazing weddings if you choose!)


Image by Veli Photography via Jess and Rick’s Modern Bali Destination Wedding

Having the legal marriage take place in Australia enables the bride to take her groom’s last name via the standard process of applying to your State’s Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages for your official registry issued marriage certificate, and using this certificate to update your last name with all the relevant authorities and organisations.

There are different processes and different costs involved for each option, so it’s really about deciding which one is the most suitable for you. Whichever one you choose, we wish you every happiness for your magical day!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Great advice to consider; there are a few important things to know to ensure your special commitments of love are legally recognised.

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  • My Bali Celebrant says:
    February 7, 2017 at 1:17 am

    Fantastic written and well researched article. Protestantism is the easiest/simplest and most common legal ceremony for westerners/Australians.



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