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Susan & Jason

There is a sense of elegance to Susan and Jason’s modern elegance Sydney wedding. A traditional church ceremony, followed by a glamorous reception sets the scene for the formality the couple wanted their wedding day to hold. They chose SugarLove Weddings to capture their wedding.

Susan starts us off with the story of how she and Jason came to be. “Jason and I met at work back in 2009, he worked out on site and I worked in the office, so we’d have a chat every now and then. It wasn’t until 2011, he had come back from living and travelling overseas and I had moved jobs so he called me up out of the blue and wanted to catch up. After a few catch ups, he asked me out to dinner on an official date. After that we started seeing each other 3, 4 then 5 times a week. We were literally living in each other pocket but we loved it and after 3 months of dating he moved in with me and as they say the rest is history.”

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“Our order of service we designed and did ourselves. We put a modern twist on it and made it into something fun while still being informative.”

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“The morning of my wedding my sister gave me a card and a bottle of perfume I’d never worn before, in her card she wrote… ‘I hope when you smell this scent you will be reminded of this day and all the beautiful memories it will hold, shine bright like a star’. I love to wear that perfume now as it brings back the whole day like it was only yesterday. ”

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Susan and her bridesmaids wore gowns designed by Amarige Bridal. Susan remembers, “Ever since I was a little girl, I have always loved the idea of a big wedding dress and I always imagined that’s what I would wear. It wasn’t until I started trying on dresses that I realised I wanted something different for the evening, something more sleek and elegant, with a completely different feel. Luckily in Leichhardt I found the perfect man, Joseph at Amarige Bridal who helped me bring to life my dream dress; a full skirt for the ceremony which would be removed in the evening to reveal a completely different dress underneath.”

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Susan and Jason were married at St Thomas Anglican Church, North Sydney. Susan tells, “St Thomas in North Sydney has very strong family ties and therefore was very sentimental to me and my family. Almost all of my Grandmother’s family on my dad’s side, (the Gilfilan’s) were either christened, married or had their funeral held at St Thomas.”

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“The music I walked down the aisle to was a song I had always dreamed about since I was younger called Forever Mine, by Marie Hines.”

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Of their photographer, Susan remarks. “We chose SugarLove Weddings because we wanted someone to capture our day in the most natural way possible and that’s exactly what happened. Even though every little detail was shot, we hardly noticed the photographers which made the day with our family and friends even more intimate.”

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Susan and Jason celebrated with their guests at Sergeants Mess. The bride remarks, “Sergeants Mess overlooks Chowder Bay with amazing views of Sydney Harbour across to Watsons Bay. It’s set amongst native bushland, which really struck a chord with me after growing up in the country. The minute we arrived and saw the view we knew this was ‘the one’.”

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Of their first dance, Susan remembers “Our first dance was played by The Piano Man. It was quite emotional and I remember wanting that moment to last forever. It’s a song that we both have a very strong connection with and was played on one of our first nights out together. It’s by a DJ group called Above & Beyond and the song is called Sun and Moon.”

Congratulations Susan and Jason! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to SugarLove Weddings for sharing today’s wedding!