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Chris Edwards of Oscar Hunt

A wedding is such a special time for the bridal couple, and we think the groom deserves to be pampered as much as the bride. This is where Oscar Hunt excels – offering exceptional service (whisky anyone?) and attention to detail to create the perfect suit for this important occasion. In parallel with the bride who will be consulting with her bridal gown designer, the groom can talk to Oscar Hunt about his ideas for the suit, the fabrics, the extra little details that will make his suit a stand out. Adding the accessories offered in-house, such as belts, socks, pocket squares and ties will ensure that your wedding day attire is as unique as you are. And you have to admit – being pampered in this way is half the fun!

Tells us a little about the genesis of Oscar Hunt.

I had always admired the relationship between my father and his tailor. They were friends as opposed to having a business/client relationship. I wondered why this service wasn’t available to (or considered by) many gentlemen. For that reason we set out to bring together the finest fabrics, exquisite construction and excellent client service to make the act of purchasing a suit a truly remarkable one.

Where are your stores located?

Our Melbourne showroom is located on Hardware Lane in the CBD. Our Sydney showroom is located on York St (near the corner of King St) in the CBD.

Oscar Hunt Showroom 3A

Image courtesy of Oscar Hunt

Why is a well fitting wedding suit so important?

It is the foundation of a great suit. Without the correct fit (even if you construct the suit with the most luxurious fabric) it will not look right. A well fitting suit also means that you can wear the suit with confidence. You will know that it always looks sharp, that you won’t be constantly adjusting things to make it look correct and that it will perform as it should. A well fitting suit is also very comfortable to wear, which is important given that a suit can be worn in some pretty stressful situations!

Take us through the process at Oscar Hunt when choosing a wedding suit?

The process starts with a conversation (often over a quiet drink). We learn all about the day itself and what the groom is trying to achieve. We take into account personal preferences and how the groom would like to wear their suit as well as styling the suit for future wears if needed. Using all of this information we look at different fabrics that would be perfect for the occasion. We start with the right colour combinations and then we can look at the fabric itself to match the wearer and his requirements. For example, we may opt for a mohair fabric if the groom wants a sharp finish yet is conscious of being too warm. From there we take physical measurements. We do this via the tape and also via a selection of fit jackets and trousers. This ensures an exceptional fit. Following on from taking the measurements we design the suit top to bottom. The groom has the choice of a variety of options including lapels, pockets, buttons and many more. Of course part of the job of our fitters is to recommend certain stylings based on the nature of the wedding and the proportions of the groom. Once all of this is complete we begin construction of the suit. Roughly five weeks after this date we invite the groom back into the showroom for their second fitting. It is during this fitting where the groom will try on his suit for the first time. We make minor adjustments to the suit during this fitting. These adjustments take place, in-house, by our team of bespoke tailors. Two weeks after the second fitting, we invite the groom back to the showroom for the third and final fitting. It is here that the groom tries on his suit and we go over the suit to make sure that everything is perfect and ready for the big day!

Oscar Hunt 1

Image by Hello Darling Photography

How important is the fabric quality to the fit and drape of a suit?

The quality of the fabric is a very important factor in the creation of a great suit. Poor quality fabrics don’t drape correctly nor do they last. A high quality fabric (an English-milled cloth from Dormeuil for example) will always perform superbly, stand the test of time and will drape in such a way to perfectly complement a well-tailored suit.

What details do you consider when making the suit?

As many as possible. It is in getting to know the client on a personal level that we can create the perfect suit. We understand how the client likes to wear their suit. We take into account each and every little unique quirk such as a sloping shoulder or larger cuff to make room for a favourite watch. We consider the day itself and what the suit will need to do in the future. It is these details that set made-to-measure apart from off-the-rack. We craft a suit for the individual, not for the masses.

How should a suit fit? What should we look for in a well fitting suit?

Primarily we look for a sharp finish off the shoulders and a correct fit in the chest. If you can achieve the correct fit in the shoulders and the chest, you stand a good chance to have a well fitting suit. From there we look at proportions – the correct lapel widths, sleeve length, jacket length etc.

Oscar Hunt 5

Image by Beck Rocchi Photography

Do you offer any off the rack suits, or are your suits all made to measure?

All of our suits are made-to-measure.

What other elements of the outfit can grooms choose from Oscar Hunt? Are you able to provide advice on styling the outfit?

As mentioned, we get to know the client to be able to give them great advice on crafting their perfect overall look. Whether that be putting together a sharp suit, tie and pocket square combination or whether that means crafting a versatile overcoat for a winter wardrobe. We see the experience of having a suit tailored as an educational one as well as walking away with an amazing suit.

Do you have any tips for a groom/groomsmen for looking modern and stylish on the wedding day, (and be able to look back at his photos in 10 years time with pride?)

The fit is the key. The correct fit has never gone out of style. The classic dinner suit has stood the test of time as well as well chosen complementary colours. It is the non-practical design finishings (extra wide or extra thin lapels, or bell-bottom trousers for example) that don’t seem to last. Again, we are here to point these out!

Oscar Hunt 2

Image courtesy of Oscar Hunt

What trends are you seeing in wedding attire?

There is definitely a trend away from just the traditional dinner suit (although it is still very popular). We are seeing gents take a little more care with accessories (pocket squares, great shoes, suspenders and hats) as well as opting for different jacket and trouser combinations.

If choosing a non traditional colour or even a patterned fabric for a suit, what advice do you have in terms of accessories?

Keep it simple. Complementary colours always work well. Don’t get too obsessed with matching everything perfectly.

Today, are the wedding party suits etc always matched perfectly or are different elements chosen to reflect individuality?

As mentioned above, we try not to get too focused on matching perfectly (unless that is the order of the day – a traditional dinner suit for a formal wedding for example). The important thing is that the colours work well together on the whole. We meet a lot of wedding parties who become obsessed with accessories matching to bridesmaids’ dresses etc. This is not the best way to look at it. We see a lot of grooms now who might opt for a bold navy for their suits that may then be complemented by a beautiful textured grey for the groomsmen.

Oscar Hunt 4

Image by Raspberry Robot

As people who deal in style everyday, do you have some tips for the groom and groomsmen in how to look great in wedding photos? 

Definitely try to avoid large phones and fat wallets in pockets! I would say the most valuable tips we have for photos is to stay hydrated (and well-fed) and have fun. The suit will do its job if it fits correctly so just worry about getting a few great snaps and then back to the dance floor!

What’s next for Oscar Hunt?

We will be looking to open more showrooms across the country as well as offering more unique accessories, fabrics and whiskies from the bar!

Thank you Chris for sharing your story. The groom and groomsmen looking handsome in well cut suits definitely increases the elegance factor. To find out more about Oscar Hunt visit the website.

Headshot  courtesy of Oscar Hunt.


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