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I’m not entirely sure there’s a better way to show your man that you love him than by agreeing to marry him, but if you are so inclined, a small gift can in a very tiny way show the enormity of your love.

In all the madness leading up to your big day there is something very special in presenting your groom with a thoughtful gift. Something to say ‘I love you more than I can say and you are very handsome’ will do quite nicely, and we’ve rounded up some gorgeous things to give to your husband-to-be!

1. Toiletries bag

This Kenyatta Dopp Kit from Want Les Essentiels is a classic toiletries bag in a simple design that will last him a long time. Should you so fancy, you can also order this style in leather or in many different colours. And if you’re going to go all out, you could even fill it with some posh toiletries (hello Aesop!). Best to give this to him a few days before the wedding so he can pack it for your honeymoon!

Image via Want Les Essentiels

2. Cufflinks

Paul Smith has some beautiful cufflinks full of character and whimsy like this wheel and steering wheel set, or even teensy cameras or bikes! See if you can find some that will resonate with your almost hubby – he might even fancy the ice cream cones!

paul-smith-accessory-grey-silver-wheel-cufflinks-gray-product-0-645428288-normal-550x691Image via Harrods

3. Love letters

Send this sweet notebook from BHLDN to your fiancé the morning of the wedding (or perhaps the night before if things will be mad come sunrise!) and tell him how great your love is. There is nothing better than a good love letter, and if you take the time to write how wonderful you think he is, funny memories you share or even what you’re looking forward to as you grow old together, this will be a winner!


Image via BHLDN

4. Personalised travel wallet (or passport holder)

If you’re heading off on a wildly romantic overseas honeymoon, allow him to travel in style with one of these classic leather travel wallets from The Daily Edited. Get his initials monogrammed (you can add up to four letters free of charge!) for an extra touch of luxury.

Image via The Daily Edited

5. Luggage

If you’re wanting to give something to the man of your dreams that will last for years to come, luggage is an excellent idea. This duffle bag from Zara won’t date and will come in handy for all those long weekends away you’ll be planning once you’re married!


Image via Zara

6. Aftershave/cologne or shower gel

Many men will have a favourite scent that they love to use, and may want to use for their wedding day. You could wrap up a new bottle of his chosen scent, or you could purchase a different product in the same scent, such as this gorgeous Chanel Gel de Douche in Bleu de Chanel. You could ask for a recommendation from a perfumery for similar scents, although if he’s not one to stick to a chosen scent, you have countless options before you.


Image via Chanel 

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a great choice of ‘I really love you’ gifts for the lucky groom! The love letters book is my favourite!

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