A bride will often really like a wedding gown but when I dress her up with a veil, headpiece and fur, she ‘loves’ it! I always say the dress is the centrepiece. Then you match everything to it.

The veil that you choose must suit your dress. I love a long veil  – it should go just past the train length of your gown. Of course the veil doesn’t stay on all night! After the ceremony and photographs, take the veil off and pop in your headpiece, hook your bustle up and it’s time to party!

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Wedding fur rabbit

Images via Silk and Style Bridal 

Now let’s go back to the photographs for a moment. Another accessory that I love and was a hit at New York Fashion Week this year, is the fur. It tops off a glamour look and is also very practical in the cooler months when going outdoors for your photos. The fur is one item you can wear again after the wedding. So treat yourself to this luxury and wear it again and again, reliving the emotions of your wedding day every time you put it on!

Remember, have fun with your accessories! Perhaps even change your look through the day and night and keep your guests wowing!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: My favourite accessory is the veil too; with such dreamy lace, they are a romantic finishing touch!

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