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Katherine & Brock

There is such a gorgeous charm to Katherine and Brock’s sweet vintage farm wedding. The bride’s mother not only made her gown, but also the pretty floral print gowns of her bridesmaids. Katherine finished her look with a divine vintage peach fascinator- and that was just the beginning of a day that so truly reflected these two. Jennifer Burch Photography  captured every vintage detail in all of their glory.

Katherine and Brock met just after highschool, Katherine remembers, “We met when Brock applied for a job at a restaurant where I was working at the time, in our first year out of high school.”

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The bride and bridesmaids carried paper flowers made by Stars and Sunshine Paper Creative. She tells, “I went with paper as we were traveling interstate for the wedding. Audra was great. I took her samples of all the fabrics and basically let her loose, explaining that I wasn’t afraid of patterns at all. The end result was stunning and suited the day perfectly. Now I have something that I can hold onto to remind me of the wedding.”

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The bride’s mother made not only the floral bridesmaid dresses, but also the bride’s gown! Katherine remarks, “My mum made all the dresses. My dress was 1950’s style, with capped sleeves and a full skirt worn with a petticoat. Made with ivory bridal satin and lace inserts and lace bodice. I wanted a dress that I would feel comfortable in all day, and loved that my Mum was able to make something that was exactly what I wanted. I also wore a vintage peach coloured fascinator.”

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Yarramalong Valley Farmstay hosted the family for the wedding, the bride noting, “We stayed together at the farm stay and it was also where we had the ceremony. We chose Wyong Creek Hall for the reception. Both allowed us to decorate as we chose and kept with our theme beautifully.”

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“We had Kate and Sam Leslie perform music for the day.  Sam and Kate play covers for a variety of genres. Able to cover any request, they learnt “Marry me” by Train two weeks before our wedding, so that we could have that for me walking down the aisle. I left them to their own devices to play whatever music they wanted, and they excelled playing at both our engagement and wedding.”

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“I remember walking down the aisle and everything feeling very surreal. I guess my favourite moment was after the ceremony when everyone commented on Brock watching me walk down the aisle. That melts my heart. The whole day was lovely and I would not change a thing.”

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Denise Butler officiated the ceremony which was held outside under beautiful old trees.

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Of their photographer, Katherine remembers, “Jen is able to capture every moment perfectly, even from the smallest detail. I am able to look back on my photos and they represent the day like a movie. Neither Brock nor myself are big photo people, but I love how Jen was able to make us feel confident and relaxed, to capture everything so naturally. I knew when it came time to pick someone for our wedding that she was the only person for the job.”

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The couple decorated the reception with the help of their families. Katherine remembers, “We made all the decorations ourselves. This meant sewing enough bunting to decorate the hall (probably over 30 metres), all the centerpieces were made from paper and fabric flowers that my mum and I made.”

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“We wanted a really relaxed day and that’s what we got. I remember setting up the day before (we decorated the reception hall and ceremony venue ourselves) and everyone was saying “so how many people are coming?” and I remember thinking, “oh gosh I really don’t know, let’s set up for this many and have some spare chairs hanging around and we will grab them if need be”. This reflected how casual the whole day was. We just wanted a day for our families and friends to have a great time, and that helped us stay calm and things just worked.”

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Guests danced the night away thanks to Tourmaline, the bride remembering, “One of my mum’s workmates also played at our reception. These gentlemen were a hit at the reception and got everyone dancing. Most comments about the wedding were related to how much everyone loved the band, and I’m sure they’ve had lots of gigs since.”

Congratulations Katherine and Brock! Thank you for sharing the stories of your day with us! Thank you also to Jennifer Burch Photography  for sharing today’s celebration!