Sweet At Home Engagement006

Kimberley & Nick

I love nothing more than being at home with Mr Polka, champagne and an amazing cheese board so you can imagine my delight seeing the at home engagement of Kimberley and Nick captured by Quince and Mulberry Studios. They remark, “We wanted something with our cat Leo, who we can’t get enough of. We love our new home and local suburb so we wanted to bring our own surroundings to life with us, where we live and breath our relationship everyday.”

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On how they met, Kimberley tells, “I met Nick almost 9 years ago when I was living in Melbourne. We met each other at a bar one Friday night drinks. A friend of mine pointed him out and that was it, I had to talk to him. We danced, but never swapped numbers so we almost didn’t see each other again. One Friday about a month later I was at the same bar and we bumped into each other again, and we went on our first date 2 days later.”

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The proposal was all about adventures, the bride to be remembering, “We have lived in Melbourne, London and now Brisbane together. Moving your life and only having each other to rely on teaches you so much about your relationship. After years of waiting, maybe a little bit of nagging, Nick proposed on the 2nd May 2015 with a surprise adventure quoting an article I had sent him to read earlier that week ‘happiness is found in experiences not things’.

“We are going on an experience” he said one morning – “you better get ready”. He surprised me horse riding in the Tambourine Mountains, and had prepared a home cooked three course meal with a bottle of 2007 French Champagne which was the same year we meet. He proposed over desert – creme brulee.”

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“I love Nick’s loyalty and discipline, it’s like nothing I have ever seen before, it inspires me. We are very different though, and we know together our synergies are the perfect balance, we have the same values too. I have always said, I could look at Nick forever.”

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