Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial

We love a dreamy romantic hairstyle here at Polka Dot Bride and next up in our tutorial series is this romantic bun bridal up-do.

After creating Ella’s gorgeous natural romantic makeup look, this softly crafted bun is the finishing touch to her look, and is beautiful for a relaxed wedding, or a fresh take on a formal occasion.

Stylist Katherine Eleyce (Ms Filigree) worked on this shoot alongside the talented Captured By Pavel, amazing hair & makeup artist Brea Mulder Beaute and beautiful bride to be Ella, at Sydney’s stunning Beachside Dojo. Ella is dressed in Gwendolynne with accessories from Panache Bridal Shoes, Glamadonna, and Bride La Boheme.

Katherine worked with Brea to give us an easy step by step tutorial. As someone who is useless with hair, I can’t wait to put this into practice!

Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial006

Spritz the hair lightly with a thermal protector like our favourite one from MUK (Muk Thermal Protector) to protect the hair from curling tongs and then comb through.

Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial013

To create a matte gritty texture to the hair which is perfect for an up-do, thoroughly spray the lengths with a Sea Salt Spray (we used Muk Sea Salt Spray) through dry hair then dry off with a hair dryer.

Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial011

Once the hair is dry, brush with a wide tooth comb to align all the strands.

Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial003

Now it’s time to add some waves! Before you begin, divide the hair in half and clip up the top section.

Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial002

Randomly take sections of the hair and wrap them around your curler (we used the H2D Texture Curling Wand). Working in a random pattern not a grid creates a much more natural look. To get that perfect curl, always point the curler down and curl back onto your hair – this will create curls that are swept off your face for a relaxed look.

Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial008

Remember to let each curl cool before touching it. This will help the curls hold their shape for longer. Once each curl is cool, if your hair is particularly resistant to curls, lightly spritz with a workable hairspray now (we used Justice Professional Workable Hairspray).

Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial007

Once you’ve finished with the bottom half, unclip the top and curl that section as well following steps 5 & 6. Only curl the bottom lengths to keep that natural look.

Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial001

After all the hair is curled and the curls are cool, gently brush through your hair with a wide tooth comb or your fingers. This will separate the curls for a full yet natural look.

Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial005

Spray your curls with workable hairspray  (we used Justice Professional Workable Hairspray) to hold that shape.

Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial009

To create the up-do, pull all the hair backwards over the crown of your head into a pony tail at the middle of the back of your head.

Romantic Bun Tutorial 11

Once your pony tail is secured, sweep up the curls and wrap them tightly into a bun and secure with hairpins. Leave some ends loose and unsecured, curling out of the bun to keep it from looking too neat and to add a soft touch.

Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial012

Add a touch of hairspray to hold the style.

Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial010

Now that your gorgeous hairstyle is complete, you can add a hair comb or a veil which will fall beautifully over the back of your bun. We opted for a delicate floral comb style by Glamadonna to complete the look.

Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial013

Roamntic Bridal Bun Hair Toolbox

The Wet Comb Wide Tooth Comb (Available at Ry Online) Muk Sea Salt Spray, Muk Thermal Protector, Premium Pin Company Sectioning Clips (Available at Ry Online),  Justice Professional Workable Hairspray, Scunci Bobby Pins (Available at Priceline), H2D Texture Curling Wand.

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Romantic Bridal Bun Tutorial005

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