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Eloise & Eric

I love the glam feel of Eloise and Eric’s gold urban wedding. Eloise’s stunning gold gown, which glimmers in the light adds just a little something extra special to what was already a beautiful day. Eloise and Eric worked with photographer Long Way Home Photography to capture their day.

Eloise tells the story of how she and Eric came to be. “We met through mutual friends at a party at the ripe old age of 15! We didn’t start dating straight away but it wasn’t too long after that we officially became a couple. 11 years later, we’re still going strong!”

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Eloise chose a  Jenny Packham gown from  Le Louvre telling, “I wore a gold beaded Jenny Packham dress that I purchased at Le Louvre in South Yarra. I had been looking for a dress for a long time and tried on too many dresses to count, but none of the traditional white dresses I tried on felt right. I wanted something that didn’t necessarily scream ‘bridal’ but that still reflected the special occasion.

When I had finally narrowed it down to my last two, I randomly spotted the gold beaded dress hanging on a rack at Le Louvre and asked to try it on. Once I had it on, there were no tears or cries of joy, just a deep sense of happiness knowing that I had finally found the one! It was unique, glamorous, and chic and reflected my personal style, but still had the ‘wow’ factor to ensure I stood out from the crowd! The dress was covered in gold and white sequins and beading, and featured an embellished gold neckline that made me feel like an Egyptian princess. The dress was complimented with a beautiful bespoke gold veil that was sourced from France by the lovely ladies at Le Louvre.”

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The couple chose Newman Chapel College, University of Melbourne for their wedding ceremony, noting, “Our ceremony was held at Newman Chapel College at the University of Melbourne. As soon as we visited this church we knew it was the one for us; the long aisle added a bit of fanfare to the occasion, and the Gothic features of the church set it apart from a lot of others. There was also large windows behind the alter and we were lucky enough that the sun came out just as the marriage was being pronounced, which flooded the church with a beautiful golden light.”

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The bride chose a traditional organ piece for her walk down the aisle. “Both my parents walked me down the aisle. As an only child I have a very close relationship to both my parents, and it meant a lot to me to have them both by my side.”

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“We wanted our ceremony to have a simple, inclusive, spiritual feel. We had the groom’s high school religious education teacher and Catholic priest perform the mass and he was very laid back which helped put people at ease. We included a lot of readings about love and family, and had our siblings and cousins do the readings.”

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“The most memorable story has to be the first kiss. Once the priest pronounced us husband and wife, instead of turning to me to have our first kiss, Eric turned to the crowd seated in the Church with a huge smile on his face and started fist pumping! I had to remind him that we were meant to kiss!”

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Of their photographer, the bride remarks, “We were lucky enough to have Steph from Long Way Home as our photographer. We fell in love with Steph when we stumbled across her website and knew she was the one for us when we first spoke to her over Skype. Steph’s photos have a beautiful look and feel to them that’s both whimsical and elegant at the same time which was exactly the style we were looking for. We wanted photos that had a relaxed feel and weren’t too posed that captured our laid back natures and that’s exactly what we got!

The fact that Steph is so friendly and kind was also really important to us given how much time we would be spending together! Not only did she take amazing photos, but she was an extremely grounding, positive and relaxing influence on the day and heaps of people commented that they didn’t even notice she was taking photos!”

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RACV City Club hosted the inner city reception. “Our reception was held at the RACV City Club. We needed a reception that would fit all 220 of our guests but didn’t want the atmosphere to get lost in a big, cold space. The large windows on either side of the room which looked over the city created a warmth to the room and was a big talking point!”

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Guests were greeted with tins of Wedgwood tea at their place settings. “We are both massive fans when it comes to tea, so we chose to have little tins of Wedgwood tea for our guest favors! Not only did the guest favors really reflect us as a couple, but they looked great on the table which was a huge bonus! The guest favors alternated between Earl Grey, Darjeeling, and English Breakfast.”

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Of their first dance, Eloise remembers, “Our first dance was ‘You give me something’ by Jamiroquai! Although we both have different taste in music, we both love Jamiroquai and he was one of the first concerts we went to together, so his music has a lot of meaning to us. We were lucky enough to have received dance lessons for our engagement by our best man and had great fun putting together the first dance!

We don’t take ourselves too seriously and love to have a laugh, and we created an atmosphere that reflected us as a couple. For example, our first dance was to a Jamiroquai song, we boogied to Greek and Indian music, and we even walked out during our entrance song to Black and White by Michael Jackson – hopefully people got the reference!”

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Dancing was one of the highlights of the night. The bride remembers, “I’m half Greek-Cypriot and the Groom’s background is Indian and we really wanted to have that reflected on our big day, so we made sure to incorporate Indian and Greek music at our reception! And they went off! There were hankies flying everywhere and one of our best memories is looking out at the crowd during the ‘Zorba’ and seeing the dance floor jam packed full of people as far as our eyes could see! It was really special having everyone up and enjoying the dance together.”

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Congratulations on your marriage Eloise and Eric! Thank you for sharing the stories of your day with us! Thank you also to Long Way Home Photography for sharing today’s celebration!