Spring Country Chic Wedding067

Victoria & Michael

The classic feel of today’s Spring country chic wedding is almost enough to have me wishing away Winter already (and as a Winter lover, that’s saying a lot!) Beautiful fresh flowers everywhere, shining sunlight and amazing love stories? What could be better! Victoria and Michael chose Society Photography  to capture their day.

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The couple chose Kathryn Green  to hand paint their wedding stationery suite for the day, starting with their invitations.

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Victoria remembers, “I love surprising my husband, and given how busy the time gets before the wedding I wanted to remind him of how much I loved him and why we were getting married – consequently, I made a scrapbook detailing all of our milestone experiences, including a personal letter to him which his best friend gave to him the morning of the wedding. They all had bets as to when he would start crying – they all lost as he started as soon as he read the letter at 8:30am.”

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Victoria chose a gown by Inbal Dror noting, “I wanted a dress that was timeless and elegant, with a touch of pink – very hard to find! This dress attracted me at first because of the soft champagne and pink tones to it, and I fell in love with it. However, it was the veil that was the final decision maker – my favourite part of the whole look!”

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The couple chose Meroo Union Church  for their ceremony, noting, “We had the ceremony at Meroo Union Church, Meroo Meadow – we fell in love with it at first sight, as was extremely quaint being in the middle of a paddock with old machinery next door, and quite small (max capacity 140 packed to the rafters) – we loved the idea of an intimate setting with our nearest and dearest. And we knew once it was decked in flowers it would be absolutely charming.”

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For her walk down the aisle, Victoria remembers, “I chose Una Mattina, from our favourite scene in the movie ‘The Intouchables’ when the lead meets his wife for the first time.”

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Of their ceremony, Victoria remembers, “We wanted it to be quite traditional, so that it felt like a true marriage, but was still relevant. As such, we had our local pastor who buried my husband’s grandmother kindly travel down to marry us from Sydney, which was extra special. We lit a candle to signify those loved ones who had sadly passed and could not be present. We had beautiful booklets printed by Kathryn Green , which held the details of the day, including the readings and hymns.”

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Of their photographer, Victoria remarks, “Society Photography were amazing – they effortlessly stepped into the routine of the day, and put you first and foremost as their priority. I told them the 2 images I was most anxious to get, they got them straight away so they could spend the rest of the day taking candid shots, which are beautiful.”

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The couple chose Terrara House Estate for their wedding reception, noting,  “Rosi at Terrara has truly found her calling – every single detail is thought of, from the flowers, to the cinnamon donuts and suckling ham at 10pm, to the breath mints and perfume in the bathrooms – she truly makes every guest feel like the most cherished individual, which is so special given we are spoiling our loved ones for the day!”

Spring Country Chic Wedding019

“We organised for raspberry jams and tomato chutneys to be made locally from South Coast Providores to lend themselves with name tags created by Kathryn Green as the guests table cards and the ‘weekend away’ aspect for guests – they were delicious, we are thoroughly enjoying the leftovers!”

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Terrara House Estate styled the floral arrangements for the day, the bride remembering, “Probably the most amazing detail was the flowers – I believe that flowers truly put a smile on everyone’s face, and I believe truly brought the venues – both the church and Terrara to life. Our flower table was an absolute treat to the eyes and as a special touch, at the end of the night we told everyone to take a bouquet of flowers home – they were so fresh and beautiful, I had family members sending me pictures of the roses a month later which kept the day living in our minds.”

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Of their first dance, Victoria remembers, “The first dance was a highlight for me – having danced my entire childhood, I wanted to make us of it and convinced my husband to take formal dancing lessons for the big day – was such a nice experience, and meant we got to do a proper dance we will remember forever. He surprised me by coming and picking me up and carrying me to the dance floor – such a special memory. Our song was Damian Rice – I don’t want to change you.”

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Soda Films capped off the very special day with a film for the newlyweds that captured all the magic of the day.

Congratulations Victoria and Michael! Thank you for sharing your stories with us! Thank you also to Society Photography for sharing today’s celebration!