Julia & Marc

This simple, modern navy and pink Sorrento wedding is elegant in its subtle details and moments. A beautiful golf course sets the scene for a day of romance, of fun, of friendship and most of all, of celebration! Julia and Marc chose Goldsmith & Co to capture their wedding day.

Julia tells the tale of how they came to be. “It was a bit of a ‘sliding doors’ kind of situation. We probably should have met much earlier than we actually did. Especially because we went to the same high school. (Being 2 years apart meant that we were in two different buildings). The fact that we grew up in the same suburb, only one, albeit big, block apart means that surely we must have had some close calls, right!?

Eventually we both worked a summer job in retail – then ran into each other out a few times. The real romance happened one summer night at the Sorrento Hotel, a pub we both went to over summer each year. Me and my bestie where blown away when all of a sudden, an extra chair appeared at our dinner table and Marc sat himself down. He certainly has the gift of the gab! From there not a day went past where I didn’t hear from him, and now we are married (insert love hearts).”

Julie wore a gown by Lover White Magick, noting, “I always loved the White Magick range, wanted to wear an Australian designer and have a touch of girliness, lace softness and simplicity. It was the first dress actually tried, very decisive. I also didn’t want to go through fittings so I was always going to go with something off the shelf.”

The groom and groomsmen wore suits from Briggins.

Julia and Marc held their wedding at Sorrento Golf Club, explaining, “As we properly met and fell in love down in Sorrento, Victoria, we wanted to get married down there. Marc’s family also have a connection to the area, with his parents and uncle and aunt living down there now. We spend our summers holidaying down there so it was just a natural choice for us, plus if we had it in Melbourne were we live, it would feel like any other wedding.”

Julia walked down the aisle to “A vocal slow version of Rhianna ‘Diamonds’.”

Matt Finch officiated the ceremony, the bride commenting, “It was a perfect 20 minutes (ish). It was light, not overly serious, filled with laughs, love and effortless style. No readings, we wanted a short celebration of us two, letting people know about us, how we met and what we love about each other and love about our families and friends, just reiterating how lucky we are and how much we love life together.

The ceremony was non-religious and making a point that ANYONE should be able to get married – anyone in love, not just a man and woman. In the celebrant’s speech we included stories and comments about all our closest friends who have been there with us over the years. As only children we also included a flower thank you moment to our mothers who both secretly loved the lime light.”

“A highlight was the Sorrento Golf Club, they just looked after us, we had champagne waiting on the bridal party everywhere we went, they were so flexible with every detail, food choices, beverage packages, where and how we wanted everything set up. They allowed us to use the grounds for photos after the ceremony and supplied us with golf buggies – some GREAT footage was taken on those buggies! They really shared in the joy of the day and I will forever be grateful to Richard at the Club.”

Of their photographer, Julia notes, “Jane Goldsmith just got me. From our first meeting over a Pinot she knew what I wanted and there was no ‘generic’ on the day. Goldsmith and Co captured everything naturally and lightly, the photos show how much fun everyone had and how full of love the room was.”

Harriet Howe Events styled the wedding, but not without much input from the bride who remarks, “I loved planning it all, I like to organise, I love a party. I know what I want always, so it was a breeze. Working with the florist was a highlight, both creative and rewarding.”

“We chose not to do a first dance; the reception was all about having fun with our friends and taking the focus off us after the ceremony, to just enjoy being around our friends. The speeches from both fathers and the best man, a lot of our guests continue to comment on how good, sentimental and hilarious the speeches were.”

Congratulations on your marriage Julia and Marc! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Goldsmith & Co for sharing today’s wedding!