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Leticia & Matthew

The romance of Leticia and Matthew’s intimate Matilda Bay wedding had me at hello. From the couple choosing to invite only seventeen guests, to their first dance right after they were pronounced husband and wife. That, is where the magic is. All captured by photographer Angela Higgins one sunny day.

Leticia tells the story of how they met. “We were housemates in Canberra who clicked straight away. We fought it for a few months but we couldn’t help falling in love. Six months later we moved out to our own house. Four years later in late 2014 we took a leap of faith and moved to Perth together. It was nearly a year to the day from when we left the east coast to the day we were wed.”

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Leticia and Matthew married at Matilda Bay Foreshore in a ceremony officiated by Susie Barralet telling, “We had an unplugged intimate wedding with 17 guests on the Matilda Bay foreshore, under two gum trees as our wedding arch. We wanted it to be simple and authentic to us. From conversations afterwards it was both those things but also very romantic. Susie told the story of how we met, of our engagement and our goals for the future as a married couple. Many people didn’t know the details of our story as we are a private couple, so it was wonderful to share the love. We made our vows and then Susie read ‘Blessing of the hands’, before we exchanged rings.”

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“Everyone did a great job, but that was partly because we hired only a few vendors and gave them as much freedom as possible after letting them know the style we were after. Susie Barralet our officiant went above the call of duty when we wrote our entire wedding ceremony from scratch (except the reading). She supported us all the way and helped us with the logistics of the first dance and Leo our mini dachshund as ring bearer so well.”

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Leticia wore a pale blue sequin gown by Theia Couture which was altered by Anthony Van Pham. She tells, “I had hesitantly ordered online a cloud blue sequin dress in the cocktail version for another occasion, expecting to either return it or have it drastically altered as only the size up was available. Sequins are not normally my style at all, but the colour just spoke to me, so beautiful and ethereal I had to see it in person. Cut to a few weeks later – Matt and I had returned from Kings Park where we were engaged not three hours earlier and the dress was waiting for me at the doorstep. When I opened it, I was surprised to realise they had sent the long train version! I tried it on and knew straight away it was my wedding dress.

I was nervous about getting it altered, not knowing if it was even possible. Living in Perth for only a couple of months at the time I had no girlfriends or family to show the dress. Photos on my phone didn’t do it justice. My first fitting with the amazing tailor Anthony Van Pham assured me that “most brides opt for a the classic white colour and fashion forward cut” and that my dress was the reverse, following up with “Colour is a personal expression darling, whereas a classic cut never goes out of style”. I made the decision right then and there I wouldn’t be stepping foot into a bridal store. I don’t regret my decision for an instant. Tony removed the three quarter sleeves on my dress so it was suitable for a spring wedding. He did an amazing job resizing and fitting the dress – particularly with the delicate and intricate nature of the material. On the day I was told by many guests and passing restaurant patrons that I looked like a glamorous mermaid! Not intended but very much a compliment.”

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Of their photographer, Leticia notes, “Angela is a warm, soothing and candid soul! We never met in person before our wedding but I felt like I knew her the whole time. A popular wedding photographer in Perth she is organised and professional light-and-bright natural photographer. Angela captures emotion and events as they unfold which was perfect for our wedding – which we wanted to be authentic and not a posed production. We hired her for three hours only – half an hour before the ceremony until half an hour into the reception. Just amazing, we barely knew she was there! ”

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The couple chose Matilda Bay Restaurant  for their wedding, noting, “Matt and I have strong family connections with water. I grew up on the Murray river with many happy memories there and Matt wanted to be married near a body of water as some of his favourite memories were at the beach and pool with his grandmother and family. As soon as we realised that Matilda Bay Restaurant offered ceremony services on the foreshore as well as offering intimate wedding receptions for up to 20 guests in their wine room we booked the venue.

A bonus of booking the wine room is each guest could choose what they wanted from the a la carte menu, such a rare find. Most reception venues would have either turned us away with only 17 guests, forced us into a set menu with a minimum spend that wasn’t feasible or made us wait until a few weeks before the wedding to book – to give larger weddings a chance to book first. Matilda Bay Restaurant were happy to accommodate us for the ceremony on the foreshore and an intimate dinner party reception in the restaurant on site.”

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When asked for her favourite stories  of the day, Leticia remembers, “So many stories, but my favourite is when we asked if anyone would like to give a speech at the reception. After four guest speeches and the groom’s reply we were about to move on. My nan decided now or never and decided give a speech. All of my family gasped – this is a very introverted woman who hates the spotlight. My extended family still don’t believe she gave a speech! It was so beautiful and heartfelt, I was so proud as she faced her fears so she could express her love for us on behalf of all of our grandparents. I’ll never forget it.”

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Congratulations Leticia and Matthew. Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Angela Higgins for sharing today’s wedding!