Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Ring With Meaning

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Photo by Milton Gan via Paula & Chris’ Moby Dicks Whale Beach Wedding

If there is one thing I think often doesn’t get the attention during wedding planning it deserves – it’s the wedding ring. In fact, I think this so much that the first thing Mr. Polka and I did for our own big day was purchase our wedding rings. My thought being, we didn’t need anything else to get married but those and I wanted them to be full of thought and meaning.

Wedding rings seem like a table of endless choices. How do you decide on the perfect one for you?

For us, we headed back to the jeweler who made my engagement ring and spent a beautiful afternoon trying on different rings together and I still remember it as one of the highlights of planning our day (the cocktails we celebrated with afterward completely topped it off!)

So here are my top tips for picking your own wedding ring!

Consider your daily life

When it comes to choosing something you wear every day, consider your daily life. Do you spend a lot of time outdoors with your hands in the dirt? Do you have a job with machinery? Do you play an instrument? Depending on how you live, this might influence your choice of wedding ring. Titanium is a popular choice for gentlemen with its tough, never break or dent strength while a diamond encrusted wedding ring might not work if you are forever having your hands in dirt or grime.

Consider the metal

Far gone are the days where it was expected that wedding rings be identical. Today you might wear yellow gold and your partner white. You might want the ring to match a watch you wear all the time, or another piece. You could even go for a more mismatched, stacked look and choose a different metal to your engagement ring with an entirely different setting.


Photo by Terralogical via Tobey-Anne and Andy’s Bohemian Inspired Bali Wedding

Consider your engagement ring

For those with engagement rings (females and males alike!) consider your engagement ring before you dive head first into wedding ring shopping. If you have a diamond, there may be certain choices you have to make. Do you want the ring to sit snugly around your engagement ring setting or do you prefer a gap? Do you want the same metal as your engagement ring or a matching set?

Consider something sentimental

There are many ways you can turn your wedding ring into something even more meaningful than it will already become. Choosing to use diamonds from a family heirloom and having them reset into your own ring, making your ring a replica of a special family members, adding a fingerprint inside, having your ring inscribed with a personal message, melting special jewellery to become part of the ring. If there was ever a time to add a little sentimentality into a piece, this is it.

Coloured Diamond Engagement Ring

Photo by Milenko Weddings via Patti & Dino’s Elegant Sydney Gunners Barracks Wedding

Whatever choice you make for your wedding ring, make sure it is a piece you know you will love forever that really reflects you. Trends will come and go, but the hands that this ring will be on will be the ones you hold as you walk through life, the ones that will hold your children, paint your house, cook your dinner, swim in the ocean together and dance under the stars. Make it something you adore.


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