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Ashlee & Jared

It was the coldest December day in more than 50 years for Ashlee and Jared’s sweet Perth winery wedding day.  The couple, who chose Carla Atley to photograph their wedding, met through high school friends more than ten years ago at age 17. So nothing, not even the cold was going to stop their wedding day from being a true celebration of their journey together. The outside wedding went inside, the icy poles were still a delight and the dessert plentiful, just the crowning glory to their special story.

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Ashlee chose an Anna Campbell gown from Soul Sisters Fremantle noting, “My dress was purchased from Soul Sisters in Fremantle and was Anna Campbell. It was the first shop and second dress. It was comfortable, fitted off the rack and affordable silk. The experience was extremely casual, quick and easy. I had my best friend with me sending photos to my sister, cousin and Mum for the thumbs up. The girls at Soul Sisters were most helpful offering to tie my tricky bow on the day, how lovely! We took a video instead of taking them up on the offer.”

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Ashlee and Jared chose Riverbank Estate, Swan Valley, marrying on the coldest December day in 54 years. Ashlee tells, “We had intended it to be an outdoor wedding overlooking vineyards at Riverbank Estate however it was 18 degrees! It was an intimate ceremony under a rustic tin verandah decorated with bunting, flowers with plenty of greenery, wooden chairs and wine barrels. It was a bit of mix and match between being rustic and girly. We had a relaxed party feeling for the reception filled with a little extra love!”

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Ashlee tells, “I included a special table in memory of Jared’s Mum Trish. It was very important to me and our families that she was there in some way and everyone could spend a moment to think of her during the night. I included some ‘about her and him’ cards down the tables for people who might not have known much about either Jared or I being a guest from a particular side of our families. I tried to make it personal for everyone there.”

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Delish Ice served up delicious icy treats post ceremony.

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The bride arrived with her bridesmaids on the back of a tractor.

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Ashlee chose Only You by Josh Radin  for her walk down the aisle.

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Brooke Nelson officiated the ceremony, Ashlee telling “It was very short and casual. Brooke is a friend of Jared’s mother so was lovely to have some fun with it. My mum Karen did a short reading about marriage and what from her experience she thinks it takes for it to be a successful one. Was personally written and all very true and heard.”

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Of their photographer, Ashlee remarks, “We have known Carla for over a year now. She has photographed more than half a dozen weddings of friends and family that we know. Her work is fabulous. She is professional but super friendly and fun. Takes time to get to know you, pays great attention to detail and is affordable. You don’t know she’s there and then sends 2000 images for viewing!”

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Of their vendors, the bride remembers, “All of them were FAB! DJ Spencer Harris was truly professional, helpful and fun, Brooke Nelson our Celebrant was the only person for the job and we loved her ceremony! Despite the cold weather, Delish Ice were great fun, texting photos days after. Ly at Flowers on a Budget was excited as if it were her wedding. She even helped with setup and lent lots of glassware at no extra cost. Riverbank Estate staff were just second to none, as was the food! Marnee at Sugar and Nice always comes through with the goods and her cake buffet looked and tasted amazing.”

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Instead of one cake, the couple chose Marnee at Sugar and Nice to create a cake buffet for the reception.

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Ashlee remembers, “We had no first dance as it’s not our thing. We don’t know how to dance and we felt awkward having to do one so we broke the rules and didn’t do one! I threw the bouquet then Spencer turned the music up.”

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Congratulations Ashlee and Jared! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Carla Atley for sharing today’s wedding!