New Zealand Same Sex Wedding

Natasha & Sarah

I adore the woodland vibe of Natasha and Sarah’s sophisticated elopement & reception celebration. The couple eloped to New Zealand for their legal ceremony before returning to Melbourne for a chic wedding reception with their family and friends. Every photo is stunningly beautiful – their ceremony captured by Holly Wallace Photography  and their Melbourne reception by Sabine Legrand Photography.

“Tash and I went to High School together. We were in the same friendship group, although admittedly the group was rather large. We had some of the same classes, went to the same parties, but we only spoke on the odd occasion. One weekend, after High School was over, a mutual friend visited my house with Tash, ironically after I had just returned home from a wedding. We spoke for hours, we just clicked and the rest is history. It was really different with her, because we had an amazing friendship before anything else. We had so much in common, we shared so many laughs and we were genuinely interested in the same things. Our love for music brought us closer together, we would often find secluded lookouts in our area where we would listen to music for hours on end. We have been inseparable ever since and when we crossed the friendship line, there was no reservations or second thoughts, we both knew the universe had planned for us.”

New Zealand Elopement004

New Zealand Elopement009

The brides chose gowns by For Love & Lemons and Rachel Zoe. Sarah remembers, “I wore a dress by With Love and Lemons and I knew as soon as I saw it that it was the one. Tash wore a timeless lace open back dress by Rachel Zoe. Both dresses were simple and elegant, not overly embellished. We wanted to contrast the landscape.”

New Zealand Elopement013

New Zealand Elopement018

Sarah and Natasha walked to their ceremony together.

New Zealand Elopement020

Catherine Fyfe officiated the ceremony, which was held in the Queenstown Gardens, Queenstown. Sarah remembers, “We had planned to marry on the edge of Lake Wakatipu for the sweeping snow capped mountain views, but on the day, it was too windy, so we moved into the cover of the woods, which was equally as perfect.  Nestled amongst the pine trees, it was the most relaxed and magical experience. There were no family, no friends, just the two of us, a photographer, videographer, celebrant and her husband. In addition to our vows which we wrote together, we exchanged some poetry that resonated with us.”

New Zealand Elopement021

New Zealand Elopement003

“Tash and I eloped (with consent of course) which made our wedding incredibly intimate. In additional to tying the knot in New Zealand for legal reasons, we also love mountains and envisaged these in our backdrop. Our theme was unintentionally woodland – the woods, the fur, the flowers, on the day it all worked.”

New Zealand Elopement023

New Zealand Elopement024

New Zealand Elopement026

New Zealand Elopement035

New Zealand Elopement037

New Zealand Elopement039New Zealand Elopement041

The Flower Room created bouquets and flower crowns for the day, Sarah explaining, “We both love native flowers, in particular proteas, so we ensured we included these in some way on the day. We couldn’t decide whether to have bouquets or flower crowns, so naturally, we decided to have both!”

New Zealand Elopement042

New Zealand Elopement043

New Zealand Elopement046

New Zealand Elopement053

Of their photographer Holly, Sarah tells, “As photography enthusiasts, capturing our wedding day was always going to be of utmost importance to us. We didn’t want traditional weddings snaps, we wanted someone to capture candid natural moments between us. As soon as we saw Holly’s galleries, we knew she was exactly what we were looking for. The search was over. Holly and Josh (the videographer) are a talented husband and wife duo and made us feel like we were spending the day with friends. They manage to capture romantic moments in vast landscapes.”

New Zealand Elopement054

New Zealand Elopement061

New Zealand Elopement071

New Zealand Elopement072

New Zealand Elopement075New Zealand Elopement076

New Zealand Elopement077

New Zealand Elopement090

“It was 4 degrees, but we kept telling ourselves it was a balmy afternoon, whilst throwing our fur coats on our shoulders at every opportunity. Holly and Josh kindly lent us their thermal wear between locations. To make our day even more perfect, Holly and Josh made a coffee pit stop to ensure our love for coffee was included in our wedding day.”

New Zealand Elopement101

New Zealand Elopement102

New Zealand Elopement105

New Zealand Elopement109

New Zealand Elopement115

New Zealand Elopement116

New Zealand Elopement119

Letterpress Invitation

Guests were invited via an invitation designed by Sarah (through her design business Design Maven) to a wedding reception at Circa, The Prince. Sarah notes, “When we returned home from New Zealand, we celebrated with an intimate wedding reception in Melbourne at Circa, The Prince, surrounded by family and friends.  Our reception was sophisticated and modern, very Melbourne!”

Sophisticated Circa Reception001Sophisticated Circa Reception005

Sophisticated Circa Reception002

Sophisticated Circa Reception003

Sophisticated Circa Reception004

Sophisticated Circa Reception006

Sophisticated Circa Reception008

Sophisticated Circa Reception010

Sophisticated Circa Reception011Sophisticated Circa Reception015

Miss Ladybird Cakes created a wedding cake with gold foil, Sarah explaining, “Wanting to make a fun political statement back home, we were adamant on having a surprise rainbow wedding cake. On the outside, the cake was white and gold foiled, adorned with native flowers. Once cut, the cake revealed decadent layers of rainbow! Our reception was also themed with native flowers to create a link to our New Zealand ceremony.”

Sophisticated Circa Reception012

Sophisticated Circa Reception014

Sophisticated Circa Reception017

Sophisticated Circa Reception018

Sophisticated Circa Reception020Sophisticated Circa Reception026

Of photographer Sabine, Sarah says,  For our reception we used Sabine Legrand. When viewing her website, we saw a photo of newlyweds sipping a coffee, through a cafe window. Sabine took us to the venue’s rooftop car park which unbeknownst to us, had unobstructed views of the Melbourne City skyline. Her photos are romantically simple, which suited us perfectly. We also enjoyed listening to her alluring French accent all afternoon!”

Sophisticated Circa Reception019Sophisticated Circa Reception021

Sophisticated Circa Reception022

Sophisticated Circa Reception023

Sophisticated Circa Reception024Sophisticated Circa Reception025

Sophisticated Circa Reception027

Sophisticated Circa Reception028

Sophisticated Circa Reception030

Sophisticated Circa Reception031Sophisticated Circa Reception033

Flower Jar styled the reception celebrations with greenery and Australian native blooms.

Sophisticated Circa Reception034Sophisticated Circa Reception035

Holly Wallace Photography together with her husband Josh captured this beautiful film of the elopement.

Congratulations Natasha and Sarah! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Holly Wallace Photography and Sabine Legrand Photography for sharing today’s photographs!