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Patti & Dino

There is a beautiful sense of sophistication  to Patti & Dino’s elegant Sydney Gunners Barracks wedding. The understated details, the moments the couple chose to do their way – walking down the aisle together, including their children in every aspect of the day and the beautiful way it all came together. They chose Lara Milenko at Milenko Weddings to capture their wedding day.

Patti fills us in on their story. “We met through a mutual friend at a bar – 6 degrees of separation. We knew the same people but had never crossed paths until that day. The rest is history!”

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Patti chose Pallas Couture to make her wedding gown, remarking, “My dress was made by the darling ladies at Pallas Couture, Paddington. It was the third place I had visited, and as soon as I stepped foot in the door and saw all the gorgeous fabrics, I fell in love. I knew that this was ‘the place’.

My dress was a custom couture gown. I had a set design and managed to incorporate my style in this dress by making the proper changes/alterations with the director and head of production team. Every step of the way the girls (Rebecca and Nicole) and team were professional, organised, patient and understanding of every detail in this process. I never knew how much detail, time and effort really went into having a couture gown made to fit you like a glove! My dress was a classic cut, french lace and crepe silk. Each fitting was different, yet so exciting. Although only 5 fittings were scheduled for the original time schedule – the ladies at Pallas, accommodated to my extra 3 fittings (making it 8 fittings) in total. My experience was one I will always cherish, as these ladies made my vision come to life and made the process that much easier – with love.”

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Patti remembers, “As we are parents to a gorgeous girl and a darling boy, we wanted to make sure that this day was just as much theirs as it was ours. This celebration was a “cherry on the top” for us a family.

We decided to walk down the aisle as a family, not so traditional, but those who know us, know that we tend to do things “our” way. Incorporating the Spanish and Tagalog in the ceremony was important to us. The song that played as we walked down the aisle together was Luther Vandross – So Amazing.”

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The couple chose Sacred Heart Church, Mosman  for their ceremony, noting. “Our ceremony was held at Sacred Heart , Mosman. We were married by Fr. Phil. The church itself was absolutely beautiful. It has a marble from floor to ceiling Alter. The church pews were both facing the alter and also the Aisle. It made it feel more intimate. The ceremony was simple and represented both nationalities, as we had our readings read out in both Spanish and Tagalog which was really important to us. It symbolised our ethnicity. We also incorporated the traditional ‘laying of veil’ and ‘coin giving’ that people in the Philippines do as a ritual on their wedding day.”

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Of their photographer, Patti remembers, “Our beautiful Photographer Lara Milenko from Milenko Weddings, was amazing. Our day ran so smoothly, there was no pressure at all from her or her team to take photos. At times I had no idea she was even there, but I guess that’s what great photographers do …just blend in and capture moments not poses. All the shots that we received are quite candid! We wanted her to capture moments and that’s exactly what she did!”

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Patti and Dino celebrated with their guests at The Tea Room, Gunners Barracks , Patti telling, “Our wedding coordinator at the venue was out of this world! Monique at Gunners Barracks is probably the most professional, organised and friendliest person we have ever met. She had everything down pat! From the small details to the biggest. Monique would remind me of things I may have forgotten or suggest things I never had even thought about! Absolutely amazing! It was because of her and her team our wedding was a huge success!! We still have guests commenting on how incredible and unforgettable our wedding was!”

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Myra Perez At My Violet styled the floral arrangements for the day, the bride explaining, “The style of our wedding was simple yet chic. We opted for an intimate setting, which was shown through the styling of the pillar candles and the fresh white florals spread throughout the venue.The smell of fresh gardenias created a romantic ambiance.”

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Of the first dance, which the couple include their children in, Patti remembers, “This was probably the highlight of my night – we danced to “Sade” – ‘Kiss of Life’ It is our song, every word she sings, is how we feel about us, our relationship and how we dream to spend to the rest of our lives together.”

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Congratulations on your marriage Patti and Dino! Thank you for sharing your day with us. Thank you also to Lara Milenko at Milenko Weddings for sharing today’s celebration!