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Alex & Ben

There is such a beautiful vibrancy to Alex and Ben’s colourful Cedia at Byron Bay Wedding. The beautiful Byron homestead setting the scene for a stunning day in the sunshine and as night fell, under the stars where they dined, danced and celebrated their nuptials with their very favourite people. The couple chose Heart and Colour to capture their wedding day.

Alex kicks us off with the story of how she and Ben met. “We first met at church. But it wasn’t until a few years later we actually noticed each other. He was friends with my brother and they used to go to Talle Surfclub with a few of their friends. One time Dad came home from one of their nights there and said, ‘Hey Alex, you know that Benny fella, you should marry him!’ ”

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Alex wore two gowns on her wedding day. The first was an off the shoulder gown by Made With Love, the second, a gown the bride had found on Instagram and adored so much she tracked it down from the bride’s husband and bought it from the bride herself.

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Skeleton Leaf Flowers created the beautiful, colourful floral arrangements for the day.

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The couple chose Cedia At Byron Bay for their wedding, noting, “It was just a big house on a beautiful property! We got married under the tree and set the marquee up overlooking the hinterland. All our people sat on the hill in the afternoon for street food and drinks!”

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For her walk down the aisle, Alex chose, “XO – John Mayer did a cover of Beyonce’s song. It was simple and relaxed and suited Benny and I.”

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“I’m quite sentimental so there are so many special things from the day! Probably the most special part for us was having my brother there. He had a brain bleed two weeks before the wedding and it turned our world upside down. There were so many risks involved and he was so lucky to be alive. So walking down the aisle with my Dad, towards my Benny and seeing Sam standing there beside him was more special than words can say!”

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Of the ceremony, which was officiated by  Pastor Dave Quak, Alex tells, “Our ceremony was really special to me, and I loved that it was under a great big tree! We both had all our brothers and sisters in the bridal party and a couple of close friends standing up with us. Our pastor Dave (and his wife Jess) married us, who have been such a big part of my family and our relationship over the years. I had my bestie and her husband sing ‘desire’ by Ryan Adams, and also my favourite worship song ‘Blessed be the name’ which reminded me of my Grandma (and also my dad). Our vows were traditional, because Ben and I both aren’t ones for fancy words! We liked to keep it simple and I loved making those vows to Benny.”

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Alex says, “Our wedding was in Byron Bay Hinterland, and we really wanted it to be a fun weekend away for all our family and friends. It was like a big garden party overlooking a beautiful view. We had flowers, wine barrels, copper bases and hanging lights everywhere. It was simple but beautiful! We danced on an outdoor dance floor with festoon lights above us. It was just a big party!”

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Of their photographers, Alex tells, “Bek and Phil from Heart and Colour. Ben and I both agree they were one of our favourite parts about the day! I felt like Bek was just there as my friend (whilst taking incredible photos!) and Phil was so fun with the boys. We love them!”

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The clear marquee styled by CL Weddings & Events was the perfect way to enjoy an evening under the stars. Alex tells, “Carly from CL weddings and events was my lifesaver. She really helped me out when everything happened with my brother and I felt overwhelmed with it all. Her and her husband did our styling and catering. Dan (Carly’s husband) owns a van called The Van Fine Street Food which serves the most amazing food! Everyone commented on how good the food was. Carly’s brother did our wine which was amazing too! They are an awesome team and I’d highly recommend them! I want to have another party just so I can get them again ha!”

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“My sister (and maid of honour) is a Music Therapist and has a little knack for creating funny little songs. She does covers of well known songs, adds a few dance moves and has everyone in stitches! She is actually the funniest person I know! She has been MC’s at weddings where she will make up songs to go with what she’s saying.

We did a song for my brother’s wedding and I reeeeeally wanted her to do one for mine. Well she did and it was amazing! Not only did she do a funny performance, but she got our whole family (both sides!) in on it. They all had their little solos and it was just hilarious. Ben and I couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces! That was probably the favourite part of our day!”

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Of their first dance, Alex remembers ” We chose ‘My Girl’, which was a fun and happy song for us. We are both dorks when it comes to dancing so the more ‘light’ and carefree we made it, the better! We love those older songs.”

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Alex and Ben’s wedding was beautifully captured on film by Bec Davis!

Congratulations Alex and Ben! Thank you for sharing your wedding stories with us! Thank you also to Heart and Colour for sharing today’s wedding!