1. Peonies.  Ok, everyone loves peonies but that’s because they are THE BEST! To me they look like gorgeous little fluffy balls of ice-cream. Image by This Day Flowers

2. Covered buttons.  I have a soft spot for covered buttons; I had covered buttons on my own wedding dress and they were stunning. Image by Amanda Kilbourn Photography

3. Yellow.  Yellow is fresh, warm and reminds me of sunshine and nature. It can match so many other colours too and is  a shade that you’ll fall in love with. Image by Sweets For Tilly

4. Giant games and vintage props. The Little Lace Company in Melbourne has a beautiful range of vintage props for hire. Have your guests play giant jenga while you’re having your photos taken! Image via The Little Lace Company

5. Paper.  As someone who loves to create wedding invitations, paper is something I love for weddings. Incorporate it traditionally with place cards and confetti, or try something new like a paper bouquet, paper centrepieces, or paper planes to throw at the bride and groom as they walk back down the aisle! Image by Love Katie and Sarah

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Such a gorgeous list of favourites – I love yellow too!

About A Tactile Perception: Hi! I’m Natalie.  A Tactile Perception is my brand, and I’d love to tell you what that means. In an increasingly digital world, many of us still enjoy the unique feeling we get when we run our fingers over a beautifully textured piece of paper.  It might be a crinkled page from an old diary, or a hand-written letter from generations past; a cherished object that we can hold in our hands. That tactile perception wins hands down over a swipe of a screen or click of a mouse, any day of the week!