Nightingale - Nancy Leung Couture-820

I am so excited to bring you the beautiful Spring Summer 2015/16 collection from Melbourne designer Nancy Leung Couture. We featured Nancy’s debut bridal collection back in 2013 and it is so wonderful to see how she has evolved in her love of bridal design. The whimsical florals and styling for the shoot were created by Thrive Flowers, the gowns modelled by the ethereal Yu Lin and all exquisitely captured by Tania Gioffre.

Embracing colour and all things non traditional, Nancy’s new collection “Lace Muse” is filled with golds, champagnes and nude pinks. Sheer embroidered skirts shimmer over silk skirts, sweeping trains, feminine backs with cascading lengths of lace, lace adorned straps and hemlines and elegantly cut silhouettes.

Nancy’s belief  that every bride – no matter her circumstances – deserves a couture wedding gown, again shines through as the heart and soul of her designs. Continually inspired by the brides that walk through her doors, she uses their own styles and personalities as her muse, creating Australian made gowns and ensuring her clients have as wonderful an experience as possible.

Nancy Leung Couture gowns are available by appointment


Nightingale - Nancy Leung Couture-893Nightingale - Nancy Leung Couture-896

Nightingale - Nancy Leung Couture-909

Nightingale - Nancy Leung Couture-915Nightingale - Nancy Leung Couture-929

Fleur - Nancy Leung Couture-585

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Fleur - Nancy Leung Couture-628

Lucy - Nancy Leung Couture-981

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Madeleine - Nancy Leung Couture-1320Madeleine - Nancy Leung Couture-1356

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Madeleine - Nancy Leung Couture-1453

Sophia - Nancy Leung Couture-785

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