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Brodie & Nic

I love the vibe of Brodie and Nic’s modern Brisbane wedding. Brodie chose this stunning glittering wedding gown that is almost ombre, Nic a soft orange bow tie that looks fabulous with his navy blazer and bone coloured pants but the best part? The emotional filled ceremony, the joy filled faces and the dance off of a first dance all captured by Emma Hampton Photography.

Brodie tells us the story of how Nic proposed. “We were in Pottsville, at my parents’ place waiting for all the family to come together for Christmas. We had been taking it in turn each month to organise date night so it was Nic’s turn. He said we were going on a picnic, but I had my doubts about the quality of this picnic as I noticed he didn’t even have the bare essentials… You know cheese, crackers, wine. Anyway, I went with it.

We jumped into his dirty old work Ute and headed along the coast. He pulled up about 10 minutes north at a gorgeous little coastal town known as Cabarita. He opened his toolbox and pulled out a picnic bag and an esky, very sneaky!!! We headed up to the lookout and set up our picnic, there was cheese, meats, oysters and beers… He was doing pretty well.By now it was about 6pm.. And it was one of those perfect summer afternoons. It was just us up at the lookout with 360 degree views of ocean and the Gold Coast hinterland. Although we had been together for almost 7 years I wasn’t even suspicious. I was just reveling in this picnic that he had nailed and enjoying the beautiful summer weather.

We started taking some photos to capture the awesome sunset when Nic grabbed me and started saying beautiful things about how in love he was. Then suddenly like every girl dreams of, he dropped to one knee, pulled a little box out from inside his shorts and asked me to marry him. I couldn’t believe this moment was actually happening, that he had bought a ring and I had no idea what so ever. Obviously I said yes, and then to top off his already perfect proposal he dug down deep into the esky and pulled out a bottle of Veuve and two glasses. The next half hour I cried, I laughed, I stared in shock at my beautiful diamond ring. We then went home and drank many more glasses of bubbles celebrating with my family.”

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“We met at a time when the last thing we were both looking for was a relationship. However things obviously happen for a reason as we both were keen on each other from the moment we met and were officially dating less than a month later.”

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Brodie chose a gold ombre style wedding gown from The Bridal Atelier , noting “I wasn’t sure what style I wanted but I knew I didn’t want a typical wedding dress so was looking for something with a point of difference. I found my dress at The Bridal Atelier in Melbourne. When I put it on and walked out of the dressing room my mum and sister’s face pretty much told me I had found my dress.”

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Brodie and Nic chose Riverbend Terrace, Brisbane Powerhouse for their ceremony, noting, “We wanted to show off our two favourite parts of Brisbane. The river and city views and we wanted plenty of space for dancing at the reception. We married on the river terrace at the Powerhouse with the reception being held at Victoria Park Golf Complex. We loved kicking off the night on the deck, with Squeak on the guitar and watching the city light up as the sun set.”

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For her walk down the aisle, Brodie chose You and Me by City and Colour.

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Retina Coffey officiated the ceremony, Brodie remarking, “We knew exactly what we wanted for the ceremony and that was for it to be personal and filled with love. Nic and I both wrote our own vows and heard them for the first time on the day. We asked my sister’s fiancé, who has a knack for writing poems, to write one for us and read it out on the day. It was perfect, filled with advice, some good laughs and loving thoughts.”

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Of their photographer Brodie remarks, “She was exactly what we were looking for. We wanted natural and laid back photos. Rather than lots of posing I wanted a photographer that could capture us in the moment and Emma did just that. She is easy to work with and great fun and we loved that she stayed to let her hair down and have a drink and dance with us later in the night.”

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Celebrations kicked off with Squeak Lamaire. Brodie explains, “We had Squeak Lemaire on the guitar for the pre-drinks at the reception. We discovered him at a little pub down the coast and our wedding was the first one he had ever played at. He was perfect and a massive hit with all our guests.”

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“We really wanted to be sure to take a moment to ourselves during the night to appreciate the day. We stepped out onto the deck and had a kiss and looked into the reception at all our favourite people who were there to celebrate with us. This was one of my favourite moments as it’s rare that you have everyone you love in one place and the day goes so quickly it’s nice to have that moment together to really take it all in.”

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The first dance was somewhat of a mashup, Brodie telling, “Everything by Michael Buble was our first dance although we mixed it in with Rock This Party by Bob Sinclair as we wanted to go against tradition and make things a bit more entertaining. Nic and I started the dance off slow on our own before the DJ kicked in and all our wedding party joined us for a dance off to Bob Sinclair.”

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“During the reception all our guests got into a big circle with arms around each other and sang their heart out to Horses by Daryl Braithwaite. It was awesome seeing people that didn’t know each other hugging and enjoying the moment.”

Congratulations Brodie and Nic! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Emma Hampton Photography for sharing today’s wedding!