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Atousa of Demetrios

What does it mean to you to have the gown of your dreams to wear on your wedding day? We’ve not yet met a bride who doesn’t want to express her own style and vision through the choice of her gown, and at Demetrios Bridal you are spoiled for choice. From lace to beaded embellishments, large ballgown skirts and trains, to slim body hugging gowns all made with the Demetrios touch of embellishments and attention to detail – you are sure to find just the gown that is right for you.

How did Demetrios Bridal come into being (as a business)?

Demetrios James Elias was born in the port of Piraeus near Athens, Greece. As a young boy, he immigrated to the United States with his family. While still in school, he assisted his parents in their family-owned bridal store in Warren, Ohio. It was during this time that his love of the bridal industry grew and his passion for designing wedding dresses took hold.

In 1980, Demetrios’ dream of owning his own company became a reality. He purchased Ilissa Bridals of New York City. Virtually overnight, he turned an unknown local business into a thriving, international company. Today, bridal boutiques throughout the world proudly sell Demetrios wedding dresses. Demetrios has been established as a prestigious leader in the bridal industry.

As both designer and owner, Demetrios is an icon in the bridal fashion industry. His wedding dresses offer women the widest and most versatile styles, and are on the cutting edge of the fashion world. Demetrios is internationally regarded as a fashion leader and bridal industry innovator.

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Where is the head office of Demetrios Bridal?

There are two offices in New York and Milan.

How does being in the USA influence the designs of your gowns?

Having a large collection helps to cater for different brides in various countries.

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Do USA brides have a different ‘style’ from Australian brides or are we all similar?

With social media we notice every day the world is becoming a smaller place. Often brides in US and Australia are seeing and wanting similar designs.

Does the Demetrios brand have a ‘style’ you are well known for?

We have been always known for having gowns with lots of embellishments and many traditional styles. Today Demetrios’ collection is diverse and satisfies the fussiest brides.

How many times a year does Demetrios design a new collection?

Demetrios designs number of different collections. Demetrios Spring collection is available from December in Australia. Demetrios Platinum is out in February, followed by Cosmobella & Oreasposa in March.

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What influences a new collection? 

Lace is still strong in the new collections but lots of intricate beadworks are making their way into the designs as well.

Please describe the collections you have on offer to brides? 

We offer Demetrios, Demetrios Platinum, Cosmobella and Oreasposa. Each has their own signature styles often shown by the differences in laces and beadwork.

I notice that you have some soft pastels in amongst your designs. Is colour in bridal gowns becoming more popular?

Definitely we see when we have color in the collection the brides love it. There are many shades of nude and gold color as well as soft pinks which are always popular

You discourage buying gowns from the internet. Some reasons for buying your gown in store with trained advisors are:

Demetrios believes in the experience a bride has to have in choosing her gown. It is a special gown and having experienced and professionals help her to make the right decision is most important. Hence all through the history of the company at no time the gowns have been sold online.

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Once the bride has chosen her gown, how long until delivery and how far out from the wedding should she come for her final fitting (to make final adjustments?)

We always suggest to have at least 6 months to order your gown even though at times we can certainly supply gowns at a shorter time frame.

Once the gown is received 4-6 weeks prior to the special day is appropriate to get alterations done.

Are brides able to ask for minor adjustments to the style of one of your standard gowns?

We have been providing this on our gowns to make it easier for our brides. Often there is another design in a collection that can be shown to the bride that would cover the changes.

How have brides and bridal gowns changed since the business started?

In the past brides were limited to the designs available locally and also to the limited images in magazines. Nowadays brides have access to thousands of designs and designers. Hence we have to always be vigilant in having the latest or similar available to satisfy our brides.

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In which States are your Australian stores based?

We have stores in most States around Australia stocking different collections. (Victoria, NSW, QLD, South Australia, Western Australia and ACT)

What is the best part of being involved in helping a bride choose her gown for her wedding day?

Nothing is more satisfying than seeing a bride tearing up when she find The ONE special gown she had always dreamt of.

Thank you Atousa for sharing your story. With so many gorgeous styles on offer, there is sure to a gown that will be THE gown for you at Demetrios. To find out more about Demetrios visit the website.

All images courtesy of Demetrios.


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