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What is your favourite wedding theme?

New age, modern or something different and unusual!

What inspires you?

Love!! Joining people together that should be together. It’s such a buzz to be a part of their journey!

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What is special about weddings to you?

Writing them from scratch gives my couples such a personal and different ceremony. I love that I can make it so special, funny and interesting for their friends and family!

What is your favourite image of all time?

The ‘Will You Marry Me’ Nutella jars!!

nutella marry me

What book are you reading at the moment?

The Marriage Act 1961!

What is your Number 1 tip for brides and grooms?

Just enjoy it!! Have fun and remember it’s a celebration with family and friends so be there in the moment.

What is the one tool of yours that you can’t live without?

A spare battery for the microphone in my pocket and tissues in the other!

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What is your New Year resolution?

To grow my business and reach more couples.

What are you excited about right now?

A really fun wedding on the weekend down in Lorne; I love staying away and doing something different.

What is a special personal talent you possess?

Hand written ceremonies….the fun, laughter and joy all come free of charge.

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Where is your favourite place to escape to for downtime and why?

Malta. I go once a year; it’s amazing and so beautiful at the same time.

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