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Georgia & Warwick

Sunset is one of my favourite times of day for photographs and Georgia and Warwick’s chic country engagement photos completely encapsulates why. Shot by Zoe Morley, the couple chose the natural backdrop for their portrait session.

Georgia and Warwick tell the tale of how they met. “We met at a friend’s party in Bilgola Plateau, had a cheeky kiss and went our separate ways only to run into each other 2 years later at a pub and we’ve been together ever since then!”

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On what she loves about her future husband, Georgia tells, “Warwick is incredibly kind, empathetic and….cheeky. He is a huge support and my best friend.”

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Of their proposal, Georgia remembers, “Last July we went to our friend’s wedding in Bali and continued on, partying around London, Paris, the South of France, Sardinia, Sicily and Amsterdam. Towards the end of the holiday in St Maxime, we had a beautiful dinner in (of course) a very French restaurant, went for a walk on the beach and then back to the hotel.

I was on the balcony taking selfies of my outfit for mum, Warwick was loitering around and, thinking he felt left out, I went to take a photo of him but he was just trying to get my attention. He dropped a knee and asked me to marry him and gave me a placeholder ring. I freaked out and said no. I think poor Warwick was on his knee for 2 minutes while I had an existential crisis.

I remember him just saying ‘well what do you say?’ and I was like ‘yes, of course!’. We called our parents & siblings straight away and went off to the local bar for a bottle of champagne!”

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“The funniest story was that I said ‘what?! no’ initially when Warwick proposed. I was in shock!”

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On what he loves about Georgia, Warwick remarks, “Georgia has a deep heart and is so full of life – constantly happy and giggling. She puts loyalty above all else and her strength and positivity inspire me every day.”

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