I love Australian weddings. I love the spirit, the passion and the love that we evoke into each and every celebration. But on this Australia Day, I thought it would be fun to ask some of my wedding blogger friends what they adore about Australian celebrations.

With bloggers from all over the world – South Africa, the UK, the USA, and our close friends New Zealand, and even some Australians in the mix (including the patterned people!), I thought there was no better way to give a nod to the beauty of Australian celebrations.

Wedding ceremony in front of french doors

Photo by Lara Hotz via Chic Vintage Brides

“There are so many things I love about Australian weddings it is hard to know where to even begin. Apart from the Proteas, which Gaby rightly bagged before I could, there’s the crazily creative ceremony spaces…”

Bridal party picnic

Photo by Pixie Rouge Photography via Chic Vintage Brides

“…there’s the fact that you genuinely get the sense that each one is just the most awesome celebration, filled with fun, laughter and love;”

Lara Hotz Australian Vintage Wedding

Photo by Lara Hotz via Chic Vintage Brides

“…and that they absolutely reflect the love and the style of the happy couple…”

John Benavente Australian Wedding

Photo by John Benavente via Chic Vintage Brides

“…There’s the inimitable Aussie photography (in a world awash with Fine Art I love seeing the deep, rich colours they capture)…”

Vintage Australian Wedding Bride In Red Skirt

Photo by Lara Hotz via Chic Vintage Brides

“…and last but not least the brides are always so super stylish!” Amy Elsworth of Chic Vintage Brides”

“The dessert creatives! I swear, every time I come across an absolutely gorgeous cake or dessert on Instagram, it’s by an Australian company.” Brittny Drye of Love Inc


Photo by Love, Katie and Sarah via Katrina and Luca’s Modern Spring Garden Wedding

“Australian brides have their own style of chic; relaxed, understated but definitely on trend. Combined with unique locations and suppliers, an Australian wedding is a dream made in heaven!” Ms Chinoiserie of Polka Dot Bride


Photo by Tina Shawal Photography via Burnetts Boards

“I love how Australians seem to always have their weddings on their own terms, that and of course the laid-back style I see so often coming from down under!” Sara Burnett of Burnetts Boards


Photo by Le Photogenic via Organic Inspired Beach Wedding Ideas

“The thing that really makes my heart flutter when I scroll through all our weddings is how true Australian couples are to themselves when it comes to creating their wedding day. You can see the personalities of each one in each wedding, and it’s incredibly sentimental and unique. Australian weddings also tend to have a distinctively warm, relaxed vibe about them, which is so perfectly captured by our array of terrific photographers!” Ms Rose of Polka Dot Bride


Photo by Emily Stone Fine Art Portraiture via The Wedding Playbook

“There are three things I love about Aussie weddings – the relaxed vibe, stunning landscapes and sense of community that comes about from the wedding planning.

This gorgeous New South Wales wedding ticks all the boxes – a timber arbour handcrafted by the groom and his dad, sweet favours made by loved ones, the most incredible pine forest backdrop, a beautiful gown from local designer Grace Loves Lace, and floral arrangements featuring native gum leaves and Geraldton wax. When everyone pitches in their talents, and you stay true to what means the most to you and your partner, magic happens!” Danielle Van Geest of The Wedding Playbook

Australian Wedding On Classic Bride Blog

Photo by Nicholas Purcell Studio via Classic Bride

“I love that elegantly cool vibe Australian weddings always seem to have” Sarah Darcy of Classic Bride

“Proteas! (You can have ’em for Australia Day at least) Seriously though, I do love how inventive your florists are in using native Australian flora in new and beautiful combinations – it’s very inspiring!” Gaby Frescura of Southbound Bride

Australian Beachside Wedding

Photo by Karen Buckle via The Wedding Bazaar

“I love that Australian weddings march to the beat of their own drum!! Designers are not afraid to explore boundaries and push limits compared to their American and European counterparts in my opinion.

Geographically speaking you’re a bit more isolated as a country and I think that means you really think up your own concepts as opposed to being inspired by others too much.” Helen Louise Howells of The Wedding Bazaar


Photo by Gordon Becker Photography via Kat and Courtney’s Whimsical Yallingup Wedding

“I love that you can create any style of wedding you like amongst an array of backdrops whether it be beach, country barn, city chic, tropics. Our beautiful country has it, all teamed with world class vendors!” Ms Liberty of Polka Dot Bride

Auatralian Country Wedding

Photo by Aparat Photography via Want That Wedding

“Australian weddings always feel so heartfelt to me, they have a real sense of being a true family celebration. Of course the beautiful diversity of Australia, the talented photographers and fashion forward brides make Aussie weddings total eye candy too.” Sonia Collett of Want That Wedding

Australian Winery Wedding

Photo by Dave Houldershaw Photography via Pretty Pear Bride

“I absolutely love how hard Australians love! There is always so much love in their weddings from the love showed by the couple, to the bridal party to the love from the guests. It’s incredible.” Shafonne Myers of Pretty Pear Bride

Same Sex Jewish Wedding

Photo by Lara Hotz via Smashing The Glass

There is always a huge emphasis on style and fun in every Australian wedding I’ve featured and I love how Aussie couples always make sure that their guests have such a darn good time !…”

Colourful Polo Barn Wedding

Photo by Lara Hotz via Smashing The Glass

“…This too is one of my all time fave weddings EVER blogged because I LOVE bright colour! The creativity in this one is off the scale. And again it’s all about fun fun fun.” Karen Cinnamon of Smashing The Glass


Photo by Todd Hunter Mcgaw via Rachel and Simon’s Chic Air Hangar Wedding

“I love seeing the different styles of weddings in Australia. As our country is so vast, we have everything from weddings in the outback to weddings in the city, from upmarket city buildings to community halls in the country, aircraft hangars and the desert landscape and everything in-between – each with their own personality and magic.” Ms Stripey of Polka Dot Bride

Perth Wedding Samuel Goh

Photo by Samuel Goh Photography via The Wedding Scoop

“What strikes me most about Australia and Aussie weddings is the cosmopolitan nature of its cities (such an incredible melting pot of different cultures!) and the beautiful balance so many of them strike between modernity and maintaining tradition.” Leana Doray of The Wedding Scoop