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Alina & Jarod

If dancing is your thing, then Alina and Jarod’s fun North Fitzroy wedding will really show you how it’s done. From the Jewish Hora, a band made entirely of friends, tunnels, dance moves I don’t even know the name of, all showed up at this very fun, informal celebration captured by Zoe McMahon.

Jarod tells the story of how they eventually came to be. “I was instantly drawn to Alina when she walked into the health food store I was working in. She took my breath away.” He says that later that evening he was writing in his journal and reflected on his attraction to Alina. Alina remembers, “Amazingly, the very next afternoon, he saw me from a distance at the St. Kilda night markets. Jarod plucked up the courage to introduce himself and ask me out. I awkwardly shook his hand, he spilled hot chai down my leg, he walked away with my number…..I screened his first call…he persisted….we lived happily ever after :)”

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The bride wore a polka dot dress from Thurley, noting, “My dress was the very first one I tried on. It was from Thurley and cost a whopping $360! I put it on and it was perfect. I must say, I was very glad to avoid fittings and endless looking! The dress was fun and comfortable and flirty. I had it altered by Billie (Billie’s Workshop (03) 9827 1144 ) to make it fit just right.”

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The couple met before the ceremony for photographs.

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Of their photographer, Alina and Jarod remark, “Zoe is exceptional. We had a rule for picking vendors for the wedding – they had to be people we really liked personally and wanted to hang out with. Zoe was precisely that. She was fun, warm and just amazing. The photos she took were candid, beautiful and captured the essence of the day. I would recommend her to everyone!”

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Alina and Jarod held their ceremony and reception at St Brigid’s Parish Hall. “Although it made the planning more challenging, we decided that we wanted to use a venue that gave us complete freedom. We do dance classes at the hall and it is very special to us. It was also big enough to accommodate our 175 guests, has beautiful ceilings and timber floor and a huge industrial kitchen. We love the old world feel and the warmth of the space.” They worked with Dann Event Hire, Technical Events and Katie Marx to turn the venue into their dream reception space.

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Of the processional, Alina remembers, “The incredible Lauren Glezer and Keren Leizerovitz, who are our very dear friends, played a twist on Beyonce’s ‘Halo’.”

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Samantha Loff performed the ceremony, the newlyweds remembering, “Our ceremony was incredibly special! Our wonderful friend spent months planning and curating all of the details. It was very personal, funny and sweet. There was no formality at all. We spoke to each other about our love and commitment and had that witnessed by our community – it was perfect.”

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The dancing then kicked off in full force with the Jewish hora.

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Ed Dixon Food Design catered the wedding, just one of the many vendors Alina and Jarod adored. “All our vendors were amazing! We ran with the policy that above all, we really wanted to pick great people that we got great vibes from and who are exceptional at their craft (in that order). Every moment with Ed, Zoe, Michael, MAAFIA and Katie was fun and easy. You probably spend more time on the actual wedding day with your Photographer/Videographer than you do with many friends. Hanging with Zoe and Michael was great!!

Some highlights include: Menu tasting in Ed Dixon’s Abbotsford offices, winter meetings with both Zoe and Michael at dark Melbourne bars over a glass of wine, having MAAFIA over to our place for a cuppa and chatting about all sorts of things!”

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“Our incredible friends played a huge part in making our wedding what it was. One of our friends married us. Nine of our friends formed a band and rehearsed for months to play an incredible set that was so beautiful and hilarious (one of them even rapped!).”

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Woohoo Revue made sure the dance floor was never empty, even for the first dance, the bride and groom remembering, “Our band “The WooHoo Revue’ played a live original waltz called ‘Morelands Ball’ which kicked off a set of Gypsy Balkan madness. Although the wedding was anything but traditional, we really enjoyed learning to waltz for the first dance.”

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Congratulations on your marriage Alina and Jarod! Thank you for sharing your story with us! Thank you also to Zoe McMahon for sharing today’s wedding.