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Rosina & Jason

Rosina and Jason chose a gorgeous country boho wedding when they tied the knot. They married on Rosina’s family farm, where much to Rosina’s surprise, her parents insisted on doing the cooking, noting, “I knew everything would be fine because what Italian isn’t comfortable in a outdoor kitchen, right?” They chose Emma Nayler to capture it all.

Rosina begins their story with how they met. “We met through mutual friends at Jason’s touch football grand final – after that he stalked me on Facebook where it took off from there! Good old Facebook stalking….!”

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The groom and groomsmen wore navy suits from Taro Cash.

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“I started to panic while getting my make up done – I could see black clouds coming over the mountain and we really had NO WET WEATHER PLAN AT ALL!!! I eventually calmed down but I may have been a bit of a bridezilla there for a moment…”

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Jude Pratt of Indigo Fox (0475429458) made the bride and bridesmaid’s gowns, the bride noting, “Jude, made my sister’s wedding dress so I was very happy for her to create mine! I knew I wanted something different to the norm, and the design changed only three times before we got the finished product – a fitted sparkly mushroom pink gown!”

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The bride’s sister happens to be the lady behind wedding styling business The Hunted Yard , Rosina noting, “The Hunted Yard did an absolutely amazing job with details and styling the entire venue. I just told them some colours and a couple of things I liked and they created my dream wedding! Couldn’t believe it!”

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Rosina and Jason married at Rosina’s family home, the bride explaining, “I’ve always wanted to get married at my family home, so that was a easy decision, but then to find out my parents insisted on cooking themselves on the night with no extra help had me a little worried! I knew everything would be fine because what Italian isn’t comfortable in a outdoor kitchen, right?”

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Sandy Smales officiated the ceremony, Rosina tells, “I wanted a close intimate ceremony where my guests were seated on timber camp style logs while we stood under a tipi that Jason, my father Joe and I built. We chose the Apache Reading. I cut the ceremony down as short as possible with my 11 month old daughter and my 14 month niece in mind! Short and sweet for more time to party!!!”

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“To have female bridesmaids is special but I included my best male friend to be a bridesman to celebrate with us in the bridal party.”

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Of their photographer, Rosina remarks “Emma is amazing, she came past on the Thursday before the wedding for a look see and was so pleased and happy with everything she had to work with – she also listened to what I told her that day what I wanted for the Saturday and remembered everything, even things I completely forgot! So absolutely fantastic! Highly recommended her to everyone!”

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Guests enjoyed a grazing table of festive treats and various food stations (including an oyster bar) set up around the reception. Rosina remembers “I was so happy to marry Jason at my family home! Jason built the ceremony tepee that we were married under. We created a Dream Catcher photo booth with an instant camera and had amazing concrete shaped tub in the shape of an oyster shell that served as our “Oyster Bar” filled with ice and fresh oysters!

My sister and her styling company created the invitations, bouquets and did all the styling, while my mum and dad catered the entire event themselves, working all day (and days before) and then changing into their cooking clothes after the ceremony to whip up an amazing Italian feast of woodfired pizzas, seafood ravioli, meatballs – the list goes on! Followed by traditional cannoli, tiramisu and chocolate mousse for dessert along with our yummy wedding cake!”

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Of the first dance, Rosina remembers, “We sent a rumour around that we were getting dance lessons – that wasn’t quite the case! Maybe YouTube helped with a few steps but Jason didn’t want to do the entire dance as a slow dance and are different type of people when it comes to dancing so the dance was a win win situation! We started with a few great moves to Love Me Like You do by Ellie Goulding but then the DJ cut the music and we busted out the rest of the dance with Jason’s favourite- I LIKE BIG BUTTS by Sir Mix Alot! We got all the guests to finish out the song with us and surprised everyone that thought we got lessons, hahaha!”

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Their wedding film is like a dream, and was captured by Jasper and Ruby Visions!

Congratulations Rosina and Jason! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to Emma Nayler for sharing today’s wedding!