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Okay boys, there are a few home truths about your wedding day we have to talk about.

First, it is your day. Urban myths may say that a wedding day is often referred to as, of course, the day to celebrate your union, but more frequently we are bombarded with the concept that it is all about your bride. And it is… but only as much as it is about you.

See the whole marriage thing is really a 50-50 deal. At times this percentage will dip and change, but the ultimate enduring fact is that you are a team. A team rocking into this commitment and celebration with 100% eyes-open.

So, enjoy it and feel free to add your quirks, your personality. If you need to channel Darth Vadar, do so. Adding those touches of you that extend beyond the required suit and tie are what your bride-to-be loves you for.

Here is a fact: it is highly likely that you will speak. In public. At an emotional time. The whole eyes-on-you thing is a big deal for most of us. The fact remains that the people listening appreciate you. Practise your words. Look up. Be prepared. One of the most beautiful moments of your wedding day is looking into your wife-to-be’s eyes and showing her your love.

You may shed tears. Yes, yes, there is always dust…hay-fever…whatever! There are few times in life in this crazy modern world where we are socially welcome to express raw emotion. Your wedding day is one of those times. Our advice: go with it. Being real and true to the moment is a blessing.

One more thing (warning: this one is contentious): your wing-men are just that. They should have your back and your trust. While it is hilarious to have the life of the party by your side, there is sometimes a moment where the link between your celebration and their wild fiesta can become blurred. We have heard tales (not the urban myths previously spoken about), but real deal – breakers that have come from a bit of boundary pushing, a fair amount of enhancement (read: booze) and a high degree of ‘getting loose’.

When all is said and done allow yourself time with you bride, away from your guests, where you can have a moment. That’s what it all comes down to: the moments we allow to be.

Images via Matt Rowe Photography

Enjoy your day guys!

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Ms Chinoiserie Says: Some wonderfully heartfelt and honest advice, particularly about the wedding day being just as much about the groom!

About Matt Rowe Photography: We started as many wedding photographers do: with an awesome camera (Nikon of course!) and a group of friends who were starting to ‘tie the knot’.  Driven by art and creativity, we find immense pleasure in combining the elements within a frame to create sheer ‘awesome-ness’. Working with you to get the best expressions – the laughter as you both produce your “Zoolander”, or gulping back the tears as you realise the step you’ve just taken together– is one of the true drivers for our photography!


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