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Jess & Adam

Jess & Adam’s sweet working farm wedding is full of country charm! From the gorgeous county garden they wed in, to the enormous shed that they filled with fairy lights that became a magical country wedding reception. They chose The Gehrmanns to photograph their wedding day.

Jess kicks us off with their story. “Adam and I worked together at Coles at the time, he was in fresh produce and I worked in the Deli. We started working the same shifts and Adam saw me when he was leaving work one day and decided that he wanted to get to know me. He spent the next few weeks buying cheerios at the deli hoping I would serve him.

One afternoon he saw me leaving work and getting into my Valiant, he says that was the moment he decided he was going to marry me. Quite a few kilos of cheerios later I finally called his number, (by this stage I had also noticed Adam at work and was very keen to get to know the cute produce guy) we got talking about cars and the conversation never really stopped.”

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Jess chose a gown from Brides of Brisbane noting, “I wore a white strapless fitted lace dress with a sweetheart neckline. When I went dress shopping with my bridesmaids and my Mum, all of the big dresses with long trains that I tried on just didn’t look or feel right on me. When I tried on “the dress” I instantly fell in love with it and knew it was perfect. When a few of the ladies and myself shed a tear (something I never thought I would do!) it just cemented that it was the right dress.”

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Jess notes, “Adam and I met through our love of classic and muscle cars so our own cars were always going to be a part of our wedding, particularly the XA GT that my parents have owned for over 25 years. I was bought home from the hospital in the XA when I was born, I went to my grade 12 formal in the XA, and for as long as I can remember I have wanted to go to my wedding in it. While I didn’t travel to the wedding in the XA, it featured in our photos, and the groomsmen traveled to the wedding in it. We also had our own cars there, and as my Valiant played a big role in Adam and I meeting it was really nice to be able to incorporate them into our day.”

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Jess and Adam chose working farm Darclo for their wedding, telling, “Both the ceremony and reception were held at Darclo, a stunning farm in Washpool. The ceremony and cocktail hour were held in the beautiful house gardens, and the Reception was held in the hay shed.

We were really happy with all of the vendors we used, but without a doubt the stand out was definitely the Clark family who own and run Darclo. Shane, Sara, Chloe and Darcy let us into their home and their lives in the weeks leading up to the wedding, and couldn’t possibly have been any more accommodating. We loved our time on the farm with them, they made us feel so welcome and at home. Our days spent at Darlco with them were definitely our favourite part of the wedding planning process.”

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Jess walked down the aisle to Boyce Avenues cover of ‘A Thousand Years’.

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Jemma Somerville of Somerville Ceremonies officiated the ceremony, Jess remarking, “We wanted a personal and intimate feel for the ceremony that reflected who we are as a couple, and we wanted to share that feeling with the most important people in our lives; our family and friends. We chose to write our own vows as we wanted them to be meaningful to us both and reflective of our life together. We asked my Mum to do a reading which we chose ‘Love’ by Roy Croft for, the reading was a lovely way to involve Mum in the ceremony.”

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Of their photographers, the bride remarks “We chose Sam and Ben Gehrmann of ‘The Gehrmanns’ to capture our day and we couldn’t be happier that we did. They are so fun, friendly and easygoing that it was a pleasure to have them their with us on the day. They captured the memories and atmosphere of our day perfectly and delivered absolutely beautiful photos. We wanted the moments captured, without those memories being marred by having cameras stuck in your face, and not once did we feel that way with Sam and Ben. They captured so many special moments that at the time you have no idea they are even photographing. You quickly forget that they are photographers and soon feel as though they are friends there to share the day with you (who happen to snap many, many amazing photos along the way). We really can’t recommend them enough and we can’t wait to have them capture many more exciting life events for us.”

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Jess notes, “We did a lot of DIY for our wedding, which we enjoyed doing and it made our day very personalised and that bit more special for us. Adam made the arbour for the ceremony, I made the timber signs and table numbers, Adam made the timber centrepieces for the tables, I sewed the dressing gowns the bridesmaids and my Mum wore getting ready, the bridesmaids and my Mum made the bouquets and button holes, I made the table runners, place cards and menus and Adam and his Dad made the dance floor. The setup was done with the help of Shane, Sara, Darcy and Chloe, as well as our family and friends.”

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One of the bride’s favourite memories of the night was a complete surprise, Jess tells, “My younger brother Branden (who was also a groomsman) has an Intellectual Disability; and while he is outgoing and talkative around close family and friends, he is quite shy and reserved in large groups. Branden made a surprise speech at our wedding reception with the help of my sister.

He had apparently been rehearsing and memorising exactly what he wanted to say for months leading up to the wedding, and delivered it perfectly on the night, even including a cheeky line about eagerly waiting for nieces and nephews. That was a really special moment for Adam and I, and we couldn’t be prouder of Branden.”

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Of their first dance, Jess remembers, “We chose ‘Then’ by Brad Paisley as the song for our first dance. Neither Adam or I knew how to dance so we took lessons in the weeks leading up to the wedding and learnt a dance. We had a lot of fun doing it, and it turned something we were both dreading into something that we enjoyed doing together.”

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Congratulations Jess and Adam! Thank you for sharing your day with us! Thank you also to The Gehrmanns for sharing today’s wedding!